30 April, 2007


Sentence Planning. There is an initiative underway in the BVI for the rehabilitation and reformation of prisoners. It is a project called the “Sentence Planning Programme”. I learned about it in an article dated 18 April 2007 in the Cayman Net News. The article read in part,

According to information obtained from the Sentence / Development Planning Project, “Sentence Planning focuses on assisting prisoners to change their criminal lifestyle by taking the opportunities to address their offending behaviour.

“The document added, “At the heart of this process is identifying a plan to reduce those risks and meet the needs in a sequenced and coordinated way in preparation for community reintegration.”

The programme is being implemented in the Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, BVI and Anguilla. The project is being spear-headed by Natalie Joseph-Caesar, the Education and Development Coordinator at HM Prison at Northward in the Cayman Islands. It is her picture that graces this article. I was impressed, as I am sure we all are. I look forward to learning in the local press how the project is progressing. Perhaps the Superintendent of Prisons will publish something on it.

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  1. "The Anguilla United Front is committed to and guided by the need for...transparent, accountable, open government."
    --AUF Manifesto, 2005

    Why, then, must we read a Cayman newspaper to find out what's happening in Anguilla?


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