06 April, 2007


Environmental Charter.
Has anyone seen Anguilla’s Environmental Charter? A copy of it signed by the Hon Chief Minister of Anguilla, Osborne Fleming, and Baroness Amos of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK on our behalf on 21 September 2001 can be read by clicking here. Does anyone in public office in Anguilla have any word of information for us, the public, on how we are matching up to the commitments we made in this Charter. After all, it is supposed to be a Charter promising a variety of things that our government will do for the benefit of the Anguillian public.

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  1. Our biggest local environmental problem is the ability of the Executive Council to approve projects and override terms and conditions established by Planning and the Land Development Control Committee. Hubert actually brags about the number of times he did that, raping our environment for short term economic benefit. Does no one care about those who will come after us?

    What was the purpose of agreeing to consult the people on major developments, when there is no consultation and, in fact, most everything is done in secrecy?

    What was the purpose of agreeing to require environmental impact reports? Where are the report for the golf course, Viceroy, the CuisinArt expansion, Alan Gumbs' new resort, the rumoured move of the dolphin prison to Mariners and the enormous Conch Bay development?

    If our elected leaders make agreements with HMG and then ignore them, and our Governor just smiles and goes to parties, who is watching the cheese?


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