05 April, 2007

Immigration Fraud

Tanya’s Story.

In May last year, Tanya, a 19-year old Zimbabwean, was at the center of a UK investigation that resulted in the Home Office minister, Tony McNulty, being moved from his post. One immigration official was sacked from his job and is now the subject of a criminal investigation. Tanya helped to expose his disgusting crime of offering to help asylum seekers with their applications to remain in the UK in exchange for sex.

Far from being rewarded, Tanya now faces a threat of deportation back to her troubled country. Not surprisingly, she says she would rather die than return to her home country, which as we all know is a hell-hole plagued by violence.

You can read the original exposee in the Guardian newspaper by clicking here. here. You can also read all about the recent threat to deport Tanya in the Guardian by clicking here.

What is the relevance of this story to Anguilla? Nothing like that would happen here, you say? That is just what we are going to have a look at.

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