03 April, 2007


Land Development Control Committee.
When is the last time the Land Development Control Committee bothered to tell the people what it is doing? It has been some years since I have seen a published report. The last was in the year 2004, and you can see a copy of its then published report by clicking here.

That is three years ago. There must have been lots of applications for development permission dealt with since then.

To see how it is done in the Falkland Islands read the story by clicking here.

One other point you will pick up when you read the article. In the Falkland Islands the elected members of the Legislative Council are called “councilors”. They are so lacking in arrogance that they don’t even capitalise the word!


  1. Check out the following website:


    Certainly far from complete but more than 2004

  2. Seems like there is a lot of info on the gov.ai site but no links to get to it from the main page, at least none that I could find.

    Is this undiscoverable 'transparency in Government' ?


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