18 April, 2007

Land Development


I received recently the following comment from one of my correspondents. It speaks for itself:

One event that seems to me to be a (although not the only, I fear) fatal watershed in the development of Anguilla is the embrace that Government has given to the owners/developers of Viceroy, and I ask myself why and what can we find out about why? I realise that the clock cannot altogether be turned back but I am fearful for the further damage they may be able to do to the island if given further indiscriminate approvals. For Government to suggest, as the CM did in relation to the Viceroy people, that ANY organisation is so unimpeachable and meritorious that it deserves to be the exception to the rule that no one is given more than one project is so ludicrously flawed that I hardly need mention the reasons for thinking so.

Is he right, dear reader? What do you think on the subject?


  1. The information provided by your source is right on the money if anybody dares to pay attention and objectively compare the density that Viceroy has been approved at Barnes Bay and Mead's Bay in comparison to what is being demanded by the government from Cap Juluca.

    Is this because Viceroy bought their way through with their $2million dollar "donation" to the government. Or is this "donataion" is the equivalent to "cart blanche"

  2. ...and don't forget Savannah Bay as well...


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