04 February, 2007

Curtis Richardson: Special Assistants 8

Curtis Richardson.

Curtis is an interesting case. He is a teacher and the son of former Hubert supporter, Pastor Ambrose. He ran as an unsuccessful candidate for Eddie Baird’s party in South Hill against Hubert Hughes. He was not a candidate for the ruling party, the United Front. After the elections, he joined the government and accepted the post of Press Officer attached to the Chief Minister’s office.

It is not certain what role he actually fills. It is not a civil service appointment. The only photograph of him that appears to have been published on the web is the one on the left. He does not seem to have set off any fireworks of light or splendour in performing his assigned role of press officer for the government.

It is likely that he expects that he is being kept warm and being groomed to run as a candidate for the United Front in the next elections in Blowing Point against opposition member Hubert Hughes. If so, that may not be the best qualification to be a press officer or PRO guru.

I am still investigating the circumstances in which he came to leave the High School.


  1. Curtis was forced out of teaching at the High School because several under-age girls accused him of having sex with them. No charges were ever brought against him by the police. What does this say for the message the Chief Minister is promoting by making him his press officer?

  2. The following response was received from Curtis Richardson and copied by him to various persons, so is not confidential:

    As an Anguillian and as a concern citizen who made a huge contribution to the education of the nation’s greatest resource – namely the future generation, I decided that the time had come to do even greater exploits. So I freely, not by force or fear, made a conscious decision to contest the general elections as a candidate in district #6.

    After the elections the people in district six elected Mr. Hughes as their representative and I then decided that their selection of Mr. Hughes should not be interpreted as my rejection. Consequently, I took up the offer to work with the Government in the capacity as Special Assistant now changed to Special Adviser with responsibilities for Public Relations. My commitment to serve country above self is ensured by the preservation of self. For if there is no self then where does that leave country?

    Now that I know you are an intricate part of Anguilla thrust to be corruption free I will be delighted to entertain any questions you may have. For to enlighten you is certainly high on my agenda in the quest to ensure that none or not too many are lead astray by propaganda and innuendo.

    Continue to work feverishly for a corrupt free Anguilla and be sure while you gaze the horizon you search deep within.

    (Signed) Curtis Richardson

  3. Response of Curtis: "..as a concern citizen..". A what? And he is the Press Officer? With Capital PO? He is an ex- math teacher and spelling is no concern to him?


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