01 February, 2007

Othlyn Vanterpool: Special Assistants 5

Othlyn Vanterpool.

Othlyn was previously a fisheries officer in the Ministry of Agriculture. Towards the end of his public service he served as Acting Director of Fisheries. He may have been aggrieved when he did not eventually get the permanent post. It is rumoured he was made a Special Assistant when he complained. He is a well known youth leader, being Commissioner of Scouts, and so has been given a role as Special Assistant in the area of youth, culture and sports. He keeps a low profile and seldom appears on public platforms and forums. In private life he has for many years run a very successful “chicken ranch” and pig farm in the Island Harbour area. His appointment is said to have been very controversial in the public service.


  1. It would be useful if you can post the salaries of the Special Assistants and also do a rough comparison of how they are compensated in relation to Civil Servants who are doing similar jobs.

    Is it also possible to post a job description or a Terms of Reference for the employment of these special assistants?

  2. United Front has the wind at its back and great latitude with legislative and operational matters. This is the result of exceptionally favorable economic conditions and moribund opposition. As you point out, some SA's are candidates in waiting and others being paid back for prior loyal service and support.

    It does seem however, ten SA's providing advice and counsel for four Ministers is an imbalance that reinforces the need for additional elected representatives. Some Ministers are responsible for multiple portfolios and irrespective of SA's and internal support systems, they carry a heavy burden that can easily result in miscommunications and marginal performance. It seems likely a majority of people would favor additional elected representatives if the issue could get a fair hearing.

    Today, Government is facing heretofore unseen circumstances and conditions that place undue hardships and pressures on individuals at every level. The entire system is being challenged and it will require a lot of professional guidance and quality human resources to see it through.

    Growth and expansion, especially, when coupled with prosperity, is never easy. It takes a lot of honest people working together to steer the ship of state through heavy seas and into a safe harbor.


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