18 February, 2007

Court Information

Court Information. There is an interesting story on the recently concluded Law Enforcement and Attorney-Generals’ Conference held in the Cayman Islands to be read on CamanianCompass, Cayman's leading newspaper. According to the story, delegates from the Overseas Territories and other delegates met together in Grand Cayman to discuss how best to secure the region from threats of crime and terrorism. No doubt, our Attorney-General and Commissioner of Police were in attendance. Given government's penchant for secrecy at all levels, we may never know. [I don't mean the ministers for the moment.]

What caught the attention of one of my readers was a short paragraph about a speech made by Leader of Government Business, Kurt Tibbets. He pledged, among other things, to create "a legal and judicial website" for those who need to access court information. My reader asks,

What is a “legal and judicial website for those who need access to court information”? When will Anguilla have one? Who are “those who need access to court information”? Will this be the public and the media, or will it be more secret stuff that is only available to members of the bar and parties to cases? Some people can afford to hire a lawyer by the hour to do record searches for them. Not everyone can. Is this to be a “Full Employment for Lawyers” regulation? If so, what is the position of the Anguilla and OECS Bar Associations on it, not to forget the EC Supreme Court and the Privy Council? Who are the players in this game? Who supports the lawyers and who supports the people?

Nuff respek!

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