09 February, 2007

Special Assistants 12


This is the final post in a series looking at the political advisers or special assistants appointed by our Chief Minister to serve in various government departments. They are political appointments to carry out some of the functions that should be carried out by a Minister’s public service officials. We are wondering why it is necessary to appoint them.

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On balance, it can be concluded that their appointment is deplorable. They are for the most part doing the work of public servants. They are subject to no rules of conduct or conditions of service, as are public servants. They answer only to the Minister and to their conscience.

If more public servants are needed, then the proper thing to do is to hire more through proper channels rather than make political appointments. Such appointments cause disillusionment and discontent among public servants. This is especially so when persons, who are seen as not having performed well in their previous role in the public service, are seemingly rewarded by being appointed as special assistants.

If each of the 10 special assistants is paid $5,000.00 per month, that is $600,000.00 per year, or $3,000,000.00 over the five-year term of the government. If ministers need political assistants working alongside the public servants, then let them be paid out of party funds, and not from the public purse. Public funds should not be used to pay political appointees. That practice, if not downright corrupt is, to say the least, highly irregular.

There is something intrinsically wrong about government encouraging private developers to pay the salaries of Special Assistants who sit next to a Minister and advise. Why do the Ministers not recognise that?

It makes me mad as hell!


  1. I think every administration should have the right to appointment a few people on an advisory level. It happens all over the world. However, I believe the Uinted Front has abuse the situation. Look what happened in any country when people are appointed base on cronyism or nepotism. America went to war because the president listen to political appointees instead of the qualified technocrats.

    Special Assistants should not be paid more than $2000. ANd Mr. Hodge should be ashamed for serving two matsers.

  2. I think that persons sending information to this web site should do a bit more homework.
    Wrong inormation can lead to lawsuits. I am one of the special assistants that is very proud of my proffession as a seamstress. My proffession was a gift from birth. At the age of nine I was able to design and sew any style. However during my 20 years in the US I have never worked as a seamstress. During my tenure as Special Assistant In community services I make sure to do my homework before solving problems. I am surprise that a seamstress has the knowledge to know research is important and persons holding degrees are such ......


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