11 February, 2007

Customs Patches

Customs Patches.

A correspondent tells me that he sees these Customs Patches quite frequently offered for sale on eBay.

Are they Government property?

Is someone from Anguilla selling them?

And, if so, is it a Customs Officer?

And, if so, is that legal?

Perhaps, Kenrick can advise?

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  1. This Canadian girl came to ANguilla when she was very young with her dad. They have a villa there and recently bought land in the on the coiast south of the Farrington. SHe has a website that gets over a million hits. Look at it and you will see she has been selling Anguilla coat of Arms for many years. I'm not sure if that's illegal since it's not exactly a real copy. But calling it coat of arms is deceiving.


    Then click on Online gallery


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