01 January, 2007


histle-blowing”. This term refers to the act of revealing to the appropriate authority or, failing such an institution, to the public, wrongdoing going on in one’s own department or company. Whistleblowers are an essential protection for those of us who are at the mercy of a secretive and oppressive government agency. Mind you, there is no suggestion that we have such an agency in Anguilla.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that there is a perception that we do have some government activity going on that needs the antiseptic qualities of fresh air and sunshine to ensure that there is no festering. It is only when public servants who have the information are willing to come forward and let the public know what is really going on, whether anonymously or taking credit, that the necessary fresh air and sunshine will bring the needed relief.

Any p
ublic servant contributing to this discussion has my assurance that I shall ensure that they remain secure and safe while they are engaged in this public service.

For those of you who missed the link to the updated article on the subject of whistle-blowing in the UK, it is here.

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