12 January, 2007

The Meaning of Corruption

Corruption”. A correspondent writes me that, “The entire Anguilla public service is corrupt from top to bottom.” Even though he is a senior civil servant himself, I doubt that the situation is as bad as that. I would need more evidence than someone’s opinion. What really do we mean by “political corruption”? It is necessary for us to make ourselves aware of the nature of the beast if we are to equip ourselves to defeat it. I do not need to give you a lecture. Persons more expert than I have done the research and writing. What I can do is to encourage you to read three simple web pages.

For a straightforward description of the various kinds of political corruption I cannot do better than to suggest you read the articles in Wikipedia here.

Another correspondent says that the best anti-corruption website she has seen is the one for India which you can have a look at here. I tend to agree with her.

You might also like to read the “frequently asked questions” page from the Internet Center for Corruption Research, which you can get here.

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