29 January, 2007

Donna Banks: Special Assistants 3

Hon Donna A Banks MLA.

Donna may be described as the next senior special assistant to Eric Reid. She has played the role longest, having been around since the last administration. She has now been promoted to be a nominated member of the House of Assembly. She is virtually a Senator or member of our House of Lords, so to say.

We saw her performing her dual role recently in the House of Assembly when she chipped in with her views on the subject of Cap Juluca Hotel. She has an office in the Ministry of Finance. She advises the Minister of Tourism, Victor Banks, on tourism and tourist related projects. She is highly trained in tourism marketing and brings this knowledge and experience to government. She carries the ball for Victor with tourism. He cannot be everywhere and do everything his Ministries expect.

With Amelia Vanterpool Kubish as Director of Tourism there is some overlapping of duties.

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  1. There has been a great deal of grumbling about Donna among members of The Party, who say she has chased the entire upper management out of Tourism with the exception of Amelia, who is just hanging on and gritting her teeth until she qualifies for her pension. Donna's abrasive personality is well known to Bunton and Victor, but they value her because she has proven that she will parrot the party line
    no matter what.


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