30 January, 2007

Blondell Rodgiers: Special Assistants 4

Blondell Rodgiers.

Blondell was an unsuccessful candidate in the 1999 elections. She was a candidate for ANA and ran against Victor Banks. She is the Special Assistant in the Ministry of Social Development, whose Minister is Neil Rogers. She has filled that post since the year 1999. The Chief Minister explained her and the other Special Assistant appointments at a press briefing given shortly after the last elections. She occupies an office in a section of the Old Police Building in the Government Secretariat complex. It is not clear what her duties are, but she is concerned with some aspects of community development and welfare.

Prior to getting involved in Anguilla politics, she resided overseas working as a seamstress. She is clearly marking time until the next elections when she must hope to stand a better chance than previously.

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  1. Neil Rogers has two special assistants, the other one is for education. This used to be Rhona Richardson, who either quit or was fired, the public was never told. Perhaps you would call and ask her?


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