15 January, 2007

Accommodation Tax

Accommodation Tax

Accommodation tax is the bed tax paid by all hotel guests in Anguilla. It is presently the subject of much discussion in the tourist industry. Some argue that it is unfair. Others that it is unevenly imposed. Supposedly, some of the tourism resorts do not pay their fair share. Some renters do not collect the tax. Others collect it but do not pay it over to the Inland Revenue. Perhaps even more controversial is the marketing levy recently imposed on all hotel guests. We will look at that at another time when I have more information.

I am presently doing research on the state of the Accommodation Tax in Anguilla. Is it a fair tax? Is it evenly imposed? Is it paid by the hotels to government on time and without cheating? Is there any enforcement of its collection? Are the penalties for defaulters imposed by the statutes ever enforced? I would like to hear from you if you have any information or views.

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Thank you.

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