31 December, 2006

Crime Rate

Crime Has Been Reduced this Year”. I may have misheard the Chief Minister’s Christmas message on the radio the other day. I thought I heard him congratulating us on a reducing crime rate. Crime rate down? I wondered which crime rate he was thinking of. When we compare murders in 2006 with the previous year 2005, we are looking at an increase from zero to ten. The facts are:

2005: January-December

Zero, zilch, no murders.

2006: January-December

Ten murders. They have all been widely reported in both the local and regional press. So, he has no excuse for not knowing about them. It is painful to recap these stories, particularly for the distressed families. But, my principal concern is for those young men whose deaths in 2007 we might be able to prevent if we take the firm and dramatic action that is necessary. It is my thesis that papering over the fissures in our social fabric for the sake of feel-good tourism promotion will in the long run do more harm than good. Those murdered in Anguilla, or in relation to their activities in Anguilla, in this year 2006 were:

1. Dwayne Connor (23) shot to death in North Valley. Suspected cocaine deal gone wrong. See story in “The Anguillian Newspaper” here. The story was also reported in “The Anguilla Guide” here.

2. Kwahmi Brooks stabbed to death allegedly as a “loyalty” test by St Kitts-based cocaine suppliers to a young recruit in Anguilla. See the story from “The Anguilla Guide” here. It was also in “The Anguillian Newspaper” here. No 8 below, Jeffrey Herbert, is alleged to have been executed on his return to St Kitts for wasting his time on the recruit and on putting him to this test.

3. Shane Fraites (22) allegedly clubbed to death at West end. Three juveniles charged with his murder. The story was carried in “The Anguilla Guide” here. It was also in “The Anguillian Newspaper” here.

4. Louvan Webster Jr (22) missing on a trip from Anguilla to St Maarten, allegedly murdered in a cocaine deal gone wrong. The story was carried by “The Anguillian Newspaper” here.

5. Michael Gumbs allegedly a marijuana-induced-schizophrenic, shot to death by a police officer in self-defence at The Quarter.

6. James Wilkinson shot to death in St Kitts after being deported from Anguilla where he had allegedly been dealing cocaine. The story was partially carried in “The Democrat Newspaper” here.

7. Deon Warner (25) of Anguilla shot in his face and killed in Nevis allegedly in a drug deal gone bad. The story was carried in various issues of the “St Kitts Nevis Observer” here, and here and here.

8. Jeffrey Herbert (33) allegedly executed by his gang boss in St Kitts after being deported from Anguilla. Information is that he was punished for having failed to carry out his assigned “hit” on an Anguillian cocaine dealer who had not been paying for his supplies. See a short mention of the killing on the Royal St Kitts & Nevis Police Force website here, and in the St Kitts Nevis Observer here.

9. Steven Bryan killed in prison where he was on remand awaiting trial for the 2003 murder of schoolgirl Jamida Webster, whose brutally butchered body had been left draped in a tree in what looks suspiciously like a typical Columbian-style punishment killing. See the story in the Anguillian Newspaper here

10. Clifford Christie (19) stabbed to death in a senseless incident at a cricket match at the Webster Park in November. The story was carried by The Anguillian Newspaper here.

And these are just the murders! They do not include the innumerable burglaries, robberies, shootings, knifings, and rapes, not to mention the related child abuse and spousal abuse cases flowing in an ever-widening stream from Anguilla’s rising addiction to cocaine and guns. How could these incidents be described as “crime has been reduced this year”? God alone knows what 2007 holds in store for us!


  1. Questions:

    1. IS the name Jeffrey Herbert or Jeffrey Murray?

    2. Was Steve Bryan killed in prison or hurt in prison and died in the PAH?

  2. The information I have is as follows:

    1: Jeffrey Herbert called himself Murray in St Kitts and Herbert in Anguilla.

    2: Steve Bryan expired in the hospital as a result of fatal injuries received while in prison.


  3. SO if his injuries were fatal, then I suppose he died immediately. How long did he lived after recieving these "fatal" injuries in prison? Was it a case of self defense or was it murder in prison? Were one inmate involve or were several prisoners involve in the "fatal" injuries to Mr. Bryan? Is the Attorney general investigating?

    Perhaps we should report the facts and not let our opinions bias the outcome. If Steve was murdred in prison, it should be investigated. But, since I don't know the facts, I think it would be doing the public good by getting the official version from the RAPF and then we can analyse it here. SInce I doubt if "The ANguillian" would do any anlaysis or investigation.

  4. Steve Bryan was awaiting Re-Trial. He always maintained his innocence and a jury of his pairs failed to convict him.

  5. I was surprised at the malicious comments written about these young men after the word "allegedly". Have their families not suffered enough with the sudden and violent death of their loved ones without adding these allegations to the list?

    In every murder mentioned except the last, reasons for death are speculations. Bold statements are made, and then the author runs for cover under the word "alleged".

    I wonder what the anti-corruption blog would say if I said its moderator was "allegedly" involved in an embezzlement scandel or that this blog was "allegedly" involved in pornography? These statements are not true but the damage has already been done.

    Many of these young men's reputations are built by the gossip, lies and deceit of people who took advantage of them to champion their causes. After reading this blog, I had a strong sense of deja vu.
    Is it too much to ask that the "allegations" be kept out of the facts, let the police do their job and spare the families the added grief of this report? These families were not taken into account when this article was written. It is sad when compassion is feigned to promote propaganda.

    It would have sufficed to put the person’s name, age and cause of death (not reason), that is shocking enough.

    Lastly, How can one assume to know more then the police about any of these deaths? If there is any truth to these allegations, I challenge it to be brought forward to the police. If it cannot be substantiated, then it is gossip. In other words...put up or shut up...


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