26 December, 2006

Conflicts of Interest

Ministerial Conflicts of Interest”.

Our Chief Minister, the Hon Osbourne Fleming, is simultaneously the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a major local bank, the Caribbean Commercial Bank. Many persons have questioned the propriety of a Chief Minister or other head of government continuing to function as the chairman of a board of directors of a commercial business after he has been appointed to such high public office.

Questions about this conflict of interest have been raised in the House of Assembly by opposition member, Edison Baird. Governor Johnson wrote a now famous misleading and misguided letter excusing our Chief Minister from continuing in this obvious and objectionable conflict of interest. Read the Governor’s letter in the Anguillian Newspaper here. Since then, Edison has fallen silent and not brought the matter up again. The other opposition member, Hubert Hughes, has not troubled himself to question the ethics of the situation at all.

The Chief Minister/Chairman of the Board has recently made some pertinent remarks at a ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the bank. He continues to defend the indefensible. See a newspaper article taken from The Anguillian dealing with this here.

It would be useful for us to learn from an expert in UK public law what the consequences in England would be if the British were to discover that, while Tony Blair was Prime Minister of the UK, he was simultaneously Chairman of the Board of Barclays Bank. What do you think?


  1. Why you dont write about Kenneth getting Daddy to front for him building Viceroy. What an exterminator knows about building?

  2. What evidence is there that Kenneth is behind Daddy's contract with Viceroy? Does anyone see his foreman or workers down on the site? I understand that Daddy was a contractor before he got the contract in fair bidding.

    Don Mitchell CBE QC

  3. WHo owns the building that now occupies the National COmmunity college. Is it appropriate for government to rent buildings that elected officials or their families own?


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