04 November, 2007

Environmental Plan

Commitment No 3: To Ensure that Environmental Considerations are Integrated within Social and Economic Planning Processes, Promote Sustainable Patterns of Production and Consumption within the Territory. This was the third commitment made by the government of Anguilla, like other OT governments which in the year 2001 signed up to an Environmental Charter [link here] .

Dr Mike Pienkowski is the Chairman of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. He was engaged as a consultant to examine how we were performing under our Charter. He prepared a Report of August 2007. This Report measures performance by the year 2007 of UKOTs and the UK Government in implementing the 2001 Environment Charters. A copy of his 19-page Report can be read [link here].

According to the Report, Anguilla has done very poorly in meeting this commitment.

We do not have a Country Plan or strategic plan that refers to the Environmental Charter and its commitments.

We have not ensured that environmental considerations have been integrated into social and economic planning processes.

We have not ensured that activities are undertaken in a sustainable manner in such sectors as waste management, water resources management, tourism, fishing, and power generation.

Not that most of the other BOTs are much better than we are. Falkland Islands is the most progressive, followed by Bermuda. Cayman Islands, TCI and and BVI are at least reviewing and revising their arrangements. We appear to be simply not trying.


  1. The National Trust says it has put its resources into addressing the principles of the St Georges Declaration, because it is more relevant to Anguilla than the Environmental Charter. ANT also prefers to talk about about its accomplishments rather than its deficiencies. OK, let's accept this. What then has ANT accomplished in complying with Principle #2 of the St. Georges Declaration, which reads:

    "Integrated Development Planning

    "All local, national and regional development policies and plans will be fully integrated to include environmental, social, cultural and economic factors which affect the small island systems of the region."

  2. It is time for us to apply some common sense and do things which will be remembered in 100 years time as good decisions.
    --Dr. Lowell Lewis, Chief Minister of Montserrat

  3. What achievements has ANT made with regard to Principle 6 of the St Georges Declaration, copied below? Name three people in the entire history of Anguilla who have ever ever paid for damaging our natural resources. What specific ways and means have been adopted to ensure that environmental priorities are reflected during and after the Viceroy construction? How many tonnes of mud have they allowed to wash onto the Barnes Bay reef, what assessment has been made of the effect of this activity and what action has been taken to stop it? How has ANT used the media to deal with the Viceroy problem?

    There is evidence that government agencies have been silenced about the Viceroy problem. Has ANT been silenced as well or is this information confidential?

    "6. Economic Benefits From Environmental Management

    "New ways and means will be adopted to ensure that environmental priorities are reflected in economic development
    programmes and also ensure economic returns from the use of the natural resources. In all cases where individuals and institutions damage natural resources, they will pay for rehabilitation. Incentives will be provided for proper environmental management."

  4. WHy are we focus on ANT? It seem the Department of the Environment and Planning are the ones responsible for policy and advising the Minister on all these matters. But of course in AXa we blame the politicians while we sit in our big offices and keep silent and collect a pay check.

  5. The focus is not on ANT but on the extremely defensive letter from ANT that attacked the motivations of the UKOT Conservation Forum, questioned the relevance of Anguilla's Environmental Charter and claimed the Forum's assessment was rife with error but has failed and refused to respond to a request to list the errors. Oh, and the ridiculous assertion that an objective assessment should focus on achievements more than deficiencies.

    These are the kind of responses one should normally expect from the Department of Environment or Planning, that owe their life to the Chief Minister. It is NOT what I expect from the Anguilla National Trust.

  6. yet we wonder why we are not taken seriously by the Uk?we are like kids in a new paly ground not sure of our bearings yet we find time to grumble and comlpain.If there is one amongst us who really know the way let him stand and be recognized.For too long ,we are sewing the seeds of contention and discord,now the time has come for the rebirth.Yes we desperately need new, blood ,or a new vision to tackle these ongoing problems.Where are our educated leaders, where are the ochosen one who will lead us ?Why do we sit/stand back and let this awful state of affairs settle on our heads.Are we so naive or inexperienced to allow all that we try to build or establish just fall apart?Where is Ant is failing,our environment is being degraded ,our investments are disappearing,our land is being mis appropriated.Lord have mercy on us all.Are we too smart and cunning for our own good and is it to our detriment?Let not our arrogance or pride be our downfall but let our vigilence and prudent behaviour be our testament to preserving what the good Lord has bestowed on us.Tranquility wrapped in blue-Anguilla our pride and joy ,our HOME

  7. “Those who would carry on the great public schemes must be proof against the most fatiguing delays, the most mortifying disappointments, the most shocking insults, and worst of all, the presumptuous judgment of the ignorant upon their designs.”
    --Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)


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