14 November, 2007


Apology: Since I published the article of 4 July under the headline “Confusion”, the named Ministers of Government have complained that it is defamatory of them.

Readers will recall that at the time of the publication, the radio waves were filled with the story. The argument being advanced in the media at the time was that Anguillians were rising up in support of the Indians. There was no one addressing the issue of a group of opposition figures who were using the demonstration to call for the government to resign. The argument of this group was that government Ministers had sold out the country. The purpose of the story was to make it clear that there were two separate issues: support for the Indians in their dispute with their employer, and use of the resulting demonstration to call for the government to be brought down.

I wish to make it absolutely clear that at no time did I intend to suggest that there is any evidence that Government Ministers have ever been engaged in any corrupt act of any kind. I can honestly state that I have no reason to believe that Government Ministers have been corrupt in their handling of public affairs. I regret that Ministers have felt hurt by any encouragement that my posting may have contributed to such an allegation. If there was any such imputation in the story, I withdraw it unconditionally. I unreservedly apologise to the Ministers for any pain that my story may have inadvertently caused them.