02 September, 2009


Viceroy’s Soft Opening in August? I suppose we were all left wondering what happened to the much bruited ‘soft opening’ that was supposed to take place in August. That month came and went. No soft or any other kind of opening. I checked their reservations, and they claim to have rooms available from 19 September, but none before that.

Is that a sign of hope, or is it not? What happened to all the guests that booked for August? Have they been relocated, or have they been told to come back later?

Now Kirk Cassels writing for Travel Agent Central reports that the opening is postponed to December.

Someone has come up with an idea for solving the country’s financial crisis. Why not let government organize a “Guess the date Viceroy is opening” lottery. The winner gets half of the takings, and government keeps the other half? Seems like a winner to me.

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  1. Don, Viceroy Anguilla did have a soft opening in August as planned. The resort has quietly hired over 100 Anguillians to work there. The Sunset Lounge and Pool is open to guests and Viceroy Anguilla even hosted a small wedding there in August. As I am sure you know, hotels often have soft openings so that they can train staff and iron out the kinks in a controlled environment before opening to the public on a larger scale. The reason that you may not see any availability online is because the hotel likely has reached the occupancy levels it is comfortable with during the soft opening. The December opening that you referred to probably marks the end of the soft opening and the beginning of the full opening of the hotel in time for the high season. I personally know a number of people that have visited the site recently and have been impressed by what Viceroy has managed to create in Anguilla. Perhaps it is time you visit the property with an open mind, although from the tone of your posts I am not sure that is possible.

  2. The hotel is supposed to be open, but last I heard, there was no hot water, so everyone was being put in the completed villas. They had a wedding there weekend before last and I heard it was a disaster - had to comp the whole thing. Reports of workers "peeking" in all the windows/open air showers.

    Don't know if they were AXA'ns or Indians - or maybe it was Don Mitchell?????

  3. It was a SOFT opening in August - or whatever - which they now say they are open and they have people staying there, restaurant/bar open.

    In fact, I saw Bunton having breakfast down there Sunday morning. Think it was "comped"? Duh.

    They have always claimed a December opening, so this is nothing new. They will probably make it, but wouldn't count on any of the bugs being worked out before that.


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