07 September, 2009


Am I being too sensitive? It was a very small thing. In London or New York it would be laughably unremarkable. In Anguilla it is evidence that the Last Days are upon us. On page 23 of The Anguillian Newspaper for September 4th there was this small ad. Normally I would have missed it. But, it was strategically located in the dead centre of the small-ad page. The language was, for Anguilla, coquettish in the extreme. So suggestive, I had to go back to read it a second time before I was sure of what I was seeing.

Normally, I would suggest an undercover operation. But, then, the entire male contingent of the Royal Anguilla Police Force would become their best customers!

I want to suggest that one of you disinterested gentlemen call for an appointment. You in the back, stop jumping up and down with both hands in the air!

Seriously, so this is what Anguilla has come to. In their early days of their administration, the boast was that no work permits would be given to overseas workers to do any job that could be filled by a local. Now, in the closing days of the United Front government we have even outsourced ‘massages’ to Oriental masseurs?

There are questions that must be answered.

Are no beautiful young Anguillian ladies qualified for the position?

Do these young ladies have work permits?

Were they approved by our Christian Minister of Labour?

Who holds the shares in the company?


  1. They're just doing, um, jobs, no Anguillian would do?

    One presumes this will now be the all-time most-edited thread...

  2. Don't be so sure no Anguillian wouldn't do 'um jobs'.

    Mitchell you are late on this one, a couple of weeks before it was a japanese lady offering the service and I would have taken it as a honest ad until I read further and it said the service was being offered 24 hrs.

    I would be willing to do some investigative work for you if you are willing to pay for my 'massage'.

  3. Find the culprits and expose them for all to see.
    Put them on the wall of shame and prosecute them.

  4. Just called, answer was "Massage Clinic", no location disclosed but a man with a definitely "non-Anguillian" accent said they are only having home visits as of now, $120 for an hour. I must say I had raised eyebrows myself when I saw the ad but these days there seems to be more pressing matters than the thought of this kind of pressing.

  5. We do not need this is Anguilla our youngsters have enough problems trying to understand why we put up with this type of behaviour.
    Root them out, name them and frame them and prosecute them up to the hilt.
    The newspapers are as bad taking this type of advert.

  6. Nat Hodge needed the money.

    "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
    It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves."
    --William Pitt, House of Commons, 1783

  7. The advert is in the paper again this week.
    What is Anguilla coming to?
    That's it for me i will not be buying this news paper again.

  8. Don I am really shocked by your last commenter, who seems to be taking prudishness, as defined below, to the ridiculous:

    adjective prim, formal, proper, stuffy, puritanical, demure, squeamish, narrow-minded, starchy (informal) prissy (informal) strait-laced, Victorian, priggish, schoolmarmish Brit. (informal) old-maidish (informal) niminy-piminy, overmodest, overnice << OPPOSITE broad-minded
    Collins Essential Thesaurus 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2005, 2006

    Does he/she refuse to any longer watch his/her television because it shows x-rated movies/adverises numbers where you can talk with "hot girls", or listen to the radio because it played smutty calypsoes,or walk on the road because there was a prostitute walking the road ahead?

    Come on, it is probably objectionable and should be investigated to see if there is something illegal going on, but why shoot the Anguillian for causing it to be brought to the fore?

  9. I hope many more boycott The Anguillian on principle. As an Anguillian i refuse to take any more bull---t from any quarter, right is right and this form of advertising is wrong and not acceptable in Anguilla in my opinion.


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