21 September, 2009


I heard part of the Chief Minister’s weekly press conference on TV last night.  And, my stomach turned with nausea.  I have not witnessed such a sick performance in a long time.  He went on and on about how concerned we must all be about ‘marriages of convenience’.  Listening to him you would you would have got the impression that permanent liaisons between Anguillian women and Indian contract labour at Viceroy is the biggest challenge to Anguilla’s integrity and destiny that we face at this time.  He made it sound like a major crisis was on us.  Worse than an epidemic of swine flu.

The nausea is aggravated by the memory of his shameful speeches in the House of Assembly when he has accused Pam Webster of permitting herself to be the victim of a ‘marriage of convenience’.  Over the past year, with the connivance of an accommodating Speaker, he has shamelessly abused the privilege of the House to smear and denigrate Pam and her husband with this baseless and disgusting allegation.  When she wins the Island Harbour seat in the upcoming general elections, I hope she will have a few remarks to make in the House of Assembly about one or two so-called Christian Anguillian men I can think about and their hypocritical treatment of their long-suffering wives.

Did he think he could issue work permits for several hundred single men, and not one of them would stay?

No one takes him seriously any longer.

And, Jerome Roberts will easily take his seat in East End.

Hopefully we will now get our first genuine Indian Restaurant.  That would be a relief after all these Chinese Restaurants selling chicken and chips.

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  1. Wow Mr. Mitchell

    Didnt know God had appointed you as elections know-it-all. Save us all some anguish and appoint the full House of Assembly.

  2. Don,

    Did you hear the House of Assembly today? Well, the Chief Minister abused the lawyer who was on radio expressing concern with some of the laws which are being passed in the House of Assembly.

    The Hon. Edison Baird asked for a two day adjournment on the passage of the amendment to the proceeds of crime law, which he said several lawyers and other persons had called him about. The Chief Minister said that there is one lawyer who was on radio objecting to the law and if he allowed the adjournment he would be allowing her to sensor the House of Assembly!

    There is really no need to abuse people because they have an opinion. How is that for a mature attitude to the passage of such a serious law?

  3. Those who do not allow discussion or criticism generally have something to hide.

    What is wrong with transparency in government? Are they afraid of their dirty linen? Prospective laws should be debated, with input from attorneys (or other experts in the respective fields affected by the legislation).


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