14 September, 2009


Opposition members call on Government of Anguilla to resign: This is not the first, nor will it be the last, time that opposition members, scenting blood, call on the government to resign. The matter came up recently in Trinidad on Caribbean Talk. This post resonated with me. Krishna Narinedath, in response to a previous post objecting to the demand that government resign, wrote:

"It is unrealistic not to mention unfair, for anyone to call for the resignation of anyone or for anyone to step aside to facilitate the career prospects of anyone. In democratic war, whoever wants leadership must go to the people and get their support and so derive legitimacy."

Well, finally, people are coming to our position on this issue. Like I have been saying - don't be naive and stupid to ask for someone to resign or walk away so you will then get the support of the people.... that is not how it is in politics. You want to be leader? You want to win? Then go to the people. If you win over the support of the people then you are leader.

But don't be a whiner and loser and ask people to leave so you and your party will get the so-called 'base', like vultures feeding off the people. Realism sets in, of course, when you go out there and meet the people and try to get their support. The math is PNM vs divided Opposition will result in PNM victory; PNM v united Opposition will result in PNM loss. If you can't win single-handedly against the PNM then you have to get together. When you come to the table do so with humility and realism; be realistic of what you have and your strength - no free lunch. These are the basic concepts in T&T politics.

Krishna S Narinedath

Replace ‘PNM’ with ‘Anguilla United Front’, and ‘T&T’ with ‘Anguilla’, and your have our situation exactly.

The scent of politics is in the air. The sharp, acrid smell of the cordite of criticism is now facing the outdated black powder of the threatened lawsuits of tired old men.

And, we are just warming up.


  1. What a shame that their responsibilities do not extend to cultivating a less abrasive manner. I do not want such people representing me in London or Brussels.

  2. When listening to radio talk programmes a familiar trend seems to be that callers are asking this GOA to resign completely. Only last night the theme was resign, go home etc. The call seems to be getting louder. I have never heard this from so many people before.

  3. When you download new software it is usually and upgrade. Do we have any real options for a half decent government, unless all the little parties and independent candidates form a united opposition.

    It is not as if they have any major or even minor ideological differences. From what i understand they are all good christian men who agree that the legitimate way to get in power is through elections.

    Obviously it is not about a tired UF government running the country to the dogs, it is about a bunch of self interested politicians, in love with their own voice and half baked ideas.


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