19 March, 2007

Sugar Transhipment

Guest Editorial: Sugar Transhipment 2.

In a recent issue of the Light Newspaper, Teacher George published a story about the sugar flow from the shell factory having ceased. We have all in Anguilla contemplated with some amusement and not a little amazement the very idea that Anguilla could be a sugar exporter to Europe, when even St Kitts has lost its market there. I have received a couple of comments by email. I published one a few days ago as a guest editorial. Today, I publish another one:

The way things often happen in Anguilla, Paul Sjiem Fat's container traffic will be way down, Teacher George will make a comment like, "Is it true that the EU has stopped the sugar transhipment?" and Eddie will get up in the House and say he heard the EU has stopped the sugar transhipment. So I haven't paid much attention to these stories until today, when I was able to confirm that, indeed, there is some kind of problem.

Several years ago the shell factory was surrounded by countless police, who then raided the place. Sjiem Fat had hired a couple of young men who had been in trouble with the law, and the police were looking for evidence. They found nothing.

Some time thereafter there was a raid on Sjiem Fat's office, which is upstairs the Fair Play Complex. They were looking for evidence of money laundering on the part of Sjiem Fat's mysterious Israeli partner. It would be interesting to learn what the outcome was. It may be related to Sjiem Fat's current problem, whatever that may be.

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