07 March, 2007

ALHCS Board of Governors

Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School Board of Governors. The ALHC School is the sole secondary school on the island. It is owned and operated by the government of Anguilla. Its principal is Mrs Ingrid Lake. She has her senior management team to help her in running the two campuses of the school. They are advised by a Board of Governors.

The Board consists of:

. Elvet Hughes, Chairman

. Keesha Webster

. Pastor Cecil Richardson

. Pastor John Gumbs

. Leslie Richardson

. Ingrid Lake

. Maria Webster

. Anita Brooks

They are paid a monthly stipend of EC$450.00. They meet mostly once a month, sometimes twice, and very rarely three times. They are responsible for some school spending, maintenance, behavioural problems, etc. There are two subcommittees, namely the Financial Committee and the Student Services Committee.

The Financial Committee keeps track of spending, obtaining school supplies and the like. Major spending and salaries are dealt with by Ministry.

The Student Services Committee usually visits the school when there are behavioural problems. They meet with the students and parents to discuss. They are consulted and make a decision on suspension questions. In one month, the Student Services Committee may be called for 10 meetings, maybe more. At times it becomes so hectic that they go in pairs.

The Board of Governors may be considered successful for what it does. From the members on the Board they obtain free spiritual, educational, legal and financial advice. The meetings are very hectic, especially for the Student Services Committee, and the stipend only suffices for gasoline. Membership should be considered it as voluntary service.

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