29 March, 2007

Public Involvement

Public Involvement.

I am concerned that there are many issues of integrity in public life and good governance out there that I am missing. I would like to invite you, my concerned readers, to contribute your ideas. Is there a matter involving a question of integrity or good governance that you wish someone would look into? Is there an issue that has been concerning you for some time now? Why not try emailing me in confidence? I will make an enquiry and get back to you. If I publish the story it will be in a way that does not involve you. I will not publish it at all if you do not want me to do so. Let me hear from you.


  1. I want to know why the young men implicated in the burglaries, robberies, and indecent assaults in Cul de Sac and Blowing Point over the past few weeks have been released on bail. They were already on bail for similar offences. Do we have to wait until they escalate to murdering citizens in our beds before they are put away for good? My wife and I are getting a gun if the police results do not improve.

  2. And I would like to know why the magistrate, who was quite active and vocal in the community before her appointment, has lost her voice. Are magistrates supposed to be ceremonial objects, like statues or religious icons, or are they allowed to speak to the public about general issues and policies surrounding crime, bail, sentencing, probation and the law?

    And what about the deterrent effect that is supposed to be a primary purpose of sentencing? Why has the magistrate not bothered to use the media to inform and educate us, the people? Why has she done such a good job of imitating a lazy and disinterested civil servant? I don't believe she is, but I expected more of her andI am deeply disappointed. I expected leadership.


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