23 March, 2007

Herbert Richardson

Herbert Richardson.

I had invited you to let me know if you knew if there was any person who deserved to be commended for his or her ethics and integrity. We now have another nomination that none of us who knows him will refuse to second:

I would like to add to the integrity list. Herbert Richardson of the Waterswamp/North Hill Road is a humble, respectful, decent and caring person. He is always willing to help, going the extra mile for people. Sometimes it even appears as though he is being taken advantage of. Herbert can be trusted with young people. He is never out of order, always so jovial.

Don’t hesitate to share with us the name of any other person in Anguilla, preferably in public life, and the reason why in your view he or she should be commended for integrity and decency.


  1. In relation to the integrity nominee, I have posted that person, and Mr Herbert Richardson is from the end of North Hill road/water swamp where he now resides. Please can you correct.


  2. My apologies. I have corrected it in the main post as well.


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