15 March, 2007


Guest Editorial: Expats.

I have received the following contribution for posting. I wonder what the views of the Anguillian readers of this Blog are. It would be good to hear them.

Observing your blog I note there are a number of commissions, boards, and advisory groups appointed by government. Without exception, they are filled exclusively by Anguillian’s. For many years this has worked well. No haste, no waste. Today however, it’s a whole new ballgame and as Coville says, “things are a changing fast.”

Unfortunately, Anguilla doesn’t have time to measure twice and cut once.

Would guess expats account for 6-8% of the islands population. This is not a big number but certainly, not insignificant. A lot of these people have been here a long time, are citizens or belongers, and Anguilla is their home. Many retired from executive and professional positions or previously owned businesses. You must admit, within that group, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Heretofore, the philosophy has been, it’s our country and we run it. And that has worked well for forty years. Today however, the winds of change are blowing hard and the challenges facing government are the most perilous ever. Wouldn’t a new idea, fresh approach, or second opinion be helpful?

Why doesn’t government take advantage of this valuable human resource and invite some of these talented expats to participate? They are stakeholders and would take great pride being part of the process that helps navigate Anguilla through troubled waters.

Something worth thinking about. . .

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  1. As with a beauty peagent contest (,the prettiest girls are in the audience), many of the boards and committees do not perse include the brightest and most integer people of the land. In USA, Europe and Anguilla alike.
    To insinuate that the Anguillian board and committee members are of 'no haste, no waste' ergo slow as a bad thing I object.
    And I refer to the Spanish Costa Blanca, Mallorca and Ibiza where in the 70's massive development took place 'helped' by the fast forward foreigners, 20 years later the Spanish in those areas are left with rows of empty highrise, a ruined environment and without any sustainable development.
    Haste is not good.

    'Anguilla does not have time to measure twice and cut once?'

    Come again?
    Any carpenter knows you'd better MAKE time to measure twice or you'd be wasting a lot of wood.
    We have no wood to waste, now do we.

  2. Many of us are embarrassed by the opportunistic greediness of some of the more visible fellow expats in our community. It is no wonder that Government doesn't trust us. It isn't fair, but it's human nature.

    Long Time Expat

  3. No one in government has ever listened to outsiders. They typically function by reaction and political posturing. With that acknowledged, a different set of circumstances prevail today. For the first time ever, there is obvious apprehension approaching panic with some government officials. In their hearts, they know they lost control and don't know how to recover. Too many exterior influences and inside pressures. Very uncomfortable and threatening. Rather than risk more complications and further embarrassments, they will cautiously reach out to people they know and trust. Will they listen and heed advice? The case has been presented and the jury is out. I sincerely hope they can regain control but it is a daunting challenge.

  4. Not sure if this comment went through. Here is a re post:

    Do the Expats have an organisation? Anguillians can benefit from many non profit and non governmental organisations. I would like to start one and is presently doing exploratory work. Alos I would love to tap into this expat resource base. How can serious people contact willing expats to get involve in this start up?

  5. Many expats have already lived their life and is now retired. Most Angullians serving on various boards are paid to do the service. Why would Expats who are getting pensions and SS benefits from their home country still want the little measlie EC dollars paid to Anguillians on local boards.

    Their service would be better utilised serving in social organisations and in volunteer roles throughout the community. I suggest they make themselves known to average Anguillians and local groups and stop looking to get on boards to promote their positions. Lets face it, we are not ready for the influences of the many conservative republican libertarian and liberal democrat expat hacks to tell us how to become a mini America.

    I suggest the government should run a criminal background and pedophile check on all of them. We all know the famous fugitive who was found on AXA many years ago by the CIA parading around as an expert. He was drag off the airport wearing his pajamas.

    We welcme most of them and is happy they are in our midst. But know your place in Anguilla.

  6. I would agree that Some qualified expats can provide some assistance to the Government of Anguilla. However, due to the experiences with some expats who are on some service organizations in Anguilla, I would not recommend them on any Government Boards. Not to use a paint brush,and lable all expats, those that we've encountered, think that we in Anguilla don't know anything (paternalist attitudes).I would also agree, that if expats are asked to serve on any Government boards, a thorough background check (FBI)should be conducted. We do not want to get ripped off again, by the so called experts!!!!!.

  7. The same service club loudmouths I believe you're referring to are just as arrogant to their fellow expats. And I imagine they were the same way to their neighbors back in the States before they came here. "Educated," offensive people are everywhere. Some have moved to Anguilla. As I commented above, many of us consider them embarrassing.

    Those who look down on everyone, without discrimination, are beyond racists. I don't know what that's called but I don't like it.

    For years there has been talk of starting an expat organisation. I oppose this, because these same people with their peacock behaviour would take it over and use it to claim they represent me.

    Long Time Expat


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