02 June, 2010


Yes, they vote too.  Whenever I despair at the low level of education found today among our young Anguillians I look at this video.  It refreshes me.  It reminds me that there is still a long way to go before we hit rock bottom, as they have in other places.

If you ever had any doubt that the American century is over, the above video should have been conclusive.  With citizens like the ones we have just seen, the twenty first century will clearly belong to the east.  If you are still not sure about that, check this:

I read on one website recently that there will be substantially more Ph.D. engineers and scientists in China in 2010 than in the United States, as China produces three times the number of engineers per year.  In 2001, only 5% of American 24 year olds with a bachelors degree were engineers, compared to 39% in China and 19% or more in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.  R.E. Smalley, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Rice University, recently concluded that by 2010 90% of all Ph.D. physical scientists and engineers in the world will be Asians living in Asia.  And among Asian Ph.D. engineers and scientists, most will be produced by China.
Another website reports that each year, about 70,000 Americans receive undergraduate and graduate science and engineering degrees that are defence related, compared with a combined 200,000 in China and India.
You figure it.


  1. The former ruler of a small European country, I think his name was Adolph something said, "What luck for rulers that men do not think."

  2. Doesn’t that national pilulous smallness of mind remind you of Winston Churchill’s trenchant if mordant observation, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”?

  3. “We have no reason to be anything better. That’s how we were raised. We were raised to chase money. Not equality, not freedom, not peace.” --Bermuda Senator Thaao Dill

  4. As a US Citizen, we deserve that label and those who participated to display their worldly intellect should be euthanized. We are on a steep slope sliding in our hand-basket into the abyss of chaos.

  5. If you want more evidence that the West is falling apart check out: http://pair.offshore.ai/38yearcycle/

  6. Public education: when you subsidize stupidity, you get more of it.

    Americans were more "educated" in De Toqueville's day (something like 98% literacy) than after Horace Mann and his bluenoses and busybodies institutionalized the country's children...

  7. I found a wonderful response to your latest blog on Ted.com explaining why you must believe in people in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

    I think you will enjoy.

  8. just a further to this, have a look at trip advisor in the Anguilla section 35 posts on ants at cap J all from, you guessed it.....


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