09 July, 2009


The new Constitution, to quote Haydn Hughes, has just popped up on the government website. See: http://www.gov.ai/documents/Anguilla%20Constitution%20Draft%202009.pdf

I am going to be downloading it, printing it, and commenting on it. I expect that the A-G’s Chambers have made alterations and comments. If they have, all interest in Lolita’s draft now pales into insignificance.


  1. Is this the same draft Constitution that the AG said he didn't have a copy of? Is this the one our leaders have already submitted to the FCO?

    Is this the public consultation we were promised? What was the purpose of the Constitutional Review Commission -- to gather and make known the opinions and desires of the people so that the CM and his gang could be free to do what they want? I thought a Constitution was an agreement between us and the Queen on how we agreed to be governed.

    When did I agree to delegate my powers to the CM -- did I miss some meeting I was supposed to go to or what?

    Does the Constitutional Review Commission still exist? You said it had completed its work but dis aliter visum -- to the gods it has seemed otherwise.

  2. Why the draft Constitution was posted on gov.ai:

    Spy blog


  3. Don, there is a very conspicuous item missing from this draft, something you've advocated for years. Granted, I may have missed it during my quick read, but if it was there, you'd think it would have burned a hole in the document! - Scotty

  4. Thank God for Haydn Hughes. He is our eye and he is not afraid. Very objective. Holds both sides of the aile accountable thats why he will never be elected. Honesty have no place in politics. This constitution is madness. Did Lolita disregard the people and write her own constitution? It would seem so


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