30 July, 2009


Hon Victor Banks announces that the Anguillian delegation that went to London discussed the “draft” constitution. Tonight is Thursday night. I was just flicking through the TV channels, as idle men are wont to do. There is no TV programming in Anguilla. You must go ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’ just to find out what is happening. As a typical man, that is not a problem. That is what we all do from 8:00 to 10:00 every night anyway.

There was Victor, looking very exhausted, I may say, on Channel 12, announcing with all the insousiance that he could muster, that the Anguillian team had discussed the ‘draft constitution’ with the British legal advisors. The British, he casually admitted, had presented some ‘concerns’ to the Anguillian team. It was the middle of the Chief Minister's weekly press conference. I did not even know they were back from London.

Will we ever learn what was presented to the British by our team?

Will we ever learn what the British team’s comment was?

All the rest was rubbish, IMHO.

PS: I hope Victor was truly embarrased at whatever the British told him about their views on Lolita's draft Constitution.

PPS: Who authorised them to discuss the Anguilla Constitution with the British?


  1. There could be many good reasons for running this up the flagpole in this way. Including the fact that it was a weak document that needed improving, that had some non-starters in it, etc.

    They now have more options on what to do with this document than they did before. I wouldn't make too much of this. It does not sound like this was anything resembling serious negotiation.

  2. I do not think this latest trip to the UK was a serious trip anyway. It seems as though it was yet another decision to spend monies we don't have. I hope we are not paying for first class passages for this large entourage from Anguilla.
    How do we stop this government from the spend, spend mentality?
    How do we make this government be transparent on just what they are spending and deciding on our behalf?
    I would like to see none of the incumbents standing in the next election, also none of them to take any vehicles home with them when they exit government. We can not afford to buy any more vehicles to replace any which are taken.

  3. I am not sure anyone would move on thoughts or ideas in this Blog. I have visited here a number of times. I must say this island is in economic disarray masked by the FEW super rich buyers that care not for price or value. That market is coming to an end as the Viceroy winds up sales, etc.

    Anguilla faces a deflationary spiral soon in real estate.

    First, you are noting that locals are trading property among themselves because "they see the value". In fact that is the first stage of the beginning of devaluation. Only local transactions are happening. There is no incentive for NEW money to come to the island.

    In time local trades cannot inflate real estate prices any longer unless the government can print money. Your government cannot. Eventually the music stops and there is as the game goes One Less Chair.

    The solutions to the economic barriers to the island are simple.

    1) For all new purchases of Villas beginning on some X date, eliminate entirely the stamp tax and go to a Non Anguillian property owner real estate tax on an annual basis. Why?

    Constant revenue from foreign owned property and incentive to purchase now that I do not have to come up with an extra $175,000 to throw away at this government.

    2) For 50% complete single family homes on the island classify certain building material products as duty free for a period of time to encourage completion. Your island has now a look and feel that only the rich who can isolate will appreciate....appreciate because the do not eat at English Rose and they have never seen Cinnamon reef. You need incentives to get property finished and incentives to put people to work doing something. Something on this island is working at a resort or building a house.

    3) Instead of 2, offer unfinished property an exemption from the stamp tax. Get people here who want to be here and let them finish property.

    4) Work on your TIME TO COMPLETE rules!!!!!!!!!! The government needs a repossession process for property that is languishing and killing your island.

    My candid assessment. You are now 15 years from any kind of meaningful recovery in your prior hopes of developing this island. Fickle money is fickle about how quickly it can move away from you.

    Remember now...when Cuba opens up,,, and it will ... it’s over.

    I think now more than ever.....Anguilla is running out of time at as fast a rate as any island I have seen.


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