02 July, 2009


Random thoughts on writers’ block. I have nothing of interest to post on the blog. It has been over a week now since the last one. A house-full of guests is part of the problem. The devil has no chance to get at my hands now . . .

Another reason is that the political season has begun. The campaigning is going to bring the issues out into the daylight. The discussion will be much more effective and relevant to the needs of Anguilla than anything I can write on the blog. I am content to let the politicians, old and aspiring, debate the topics that interest us all. My contribution will not be worth two cents by comparison.

I have never in my life attended an Anguillian political meeting. They are real drama, I am told. But, I am not inclined to start attending now. Too old and cynical. The result is that I shall be unaware of many of the subjects of discussion. Unless someone is kind enough to drop me a line now and then to let me know :-)

Another reason for my writer’s block is that I am hearing that there are some major developments going on in the court. Both the Magistrates Court and the High Court have been producing some very important orders and decisions. Major events are playing out in that forum. The public knows nothing about them save for rumour. The court’s contribution to social development might as well be a play performed on a blacked-out stage. The singer’s mouth is moving, but the microphone has gone dead. There is no reporter who has the time to attend court and write up the happenings. No press-officer is employed to publicise what it is doing. There is a tradition that lawyers do not prepare press releases boasting about their forensic conquests. Most lawyers do not even receive the orders and judgments of the High Court in cases that do not concern them. Even though court decisions are public documents, they are dealt with as if they are private to the parties. Very few final judgments are posted on the Court’s website. Those few that are posted are out of date. I am reluctant to lean on any of my legal friends to beg them to scan and email me copies as they come to hand. What a waste of judicial time and effort. Such a pity, really.


  1. Don.

    It is a shame you haven't got links to other brittish overseas territory blogs. We all seem to have so much in common, I have a link to your blog on mine.

  2. We have a sign in our house that reads LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE !!
    Do that as long as you can, along with the other things you do.
    You are not old. Say that in another 25 years and I may agree with you.

    Have you heard the saying, "In mans struggle against the world, bet on the world."?
    Sometimes we must stop struggling with the world. (I know, easier said then done.)
    I believe that frustration is a better word than cynical. We want to have answers and control of situations, and when that is not possible we do not know what to do.

    Anyhow I am quite sure that it is not the devil that moves your hands.


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