20 May, 2009


As an Anguillian, how do I get registered to vote? Getting registered to vote in Anguilla has never been easier. The law provides for a system of continuous voter registration. If you are over 18 years of age, and you are not on the voters list, get registered. Pricilla Gumbs is the Electoral Registration Officer. She has explained how it is done. Go and see her at the Passport Office, or telephone her, if you have any question.

Priscilla Gumbs and Chantel Ruan

If you are young, never voted before, but are qualified to vote, make sure you are registered this week. You never know when the next elections will be called.

Anguilla needs a spring cleaning. Sweep them out, sweep them out. It is time to sweep them all out.

The APP needs your vote in the upcoming elections.

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