21 December, 2007


Relations Between the Overseas Countries and Territories and the European Union. In a recent article published in MercoPress we learn what our leaders were doing, or not doing as the case may be, on our behalf in their recent meetings in London. These meetings were held in the last week in November and the first week in December.

The article concerns the November meetings. The information comes in a release from Mike Summers, one of the representatives of the Falkland Islands. We wish that all our leaders in the OTs were so open. It does not strike any of us in Anguilla as odd that we have to go to a newspaper published in Montevideo, Uruguay, to learn about meetings between the Overseas Territories’ representatives and the representatives of the European Union.

The representatives of the Overseas Territories took the opportunity to meet to discuss the composition of a paper reviewing our relationship with the European Union. This is important because increasingly in the years to come the European Union will pass laws that are going to apply to us in the Overseas Territories. They have already begun to do so in tax and trade matters. We need to have a unified position if we are to be able to defend ourselves from any onslaught on our liberties by the Europeans.

There has not been a word about these meetings in any press release on the website of the Government of Anguilla. Not a word in The Anguillian newspaper. A Government press release on the various social events attended by the Anguilla team while in London suggests that this aspect dominated their time.

One feels justified in concluding that our leaders are convinced that the less we know about Europe’s plans for us, the less trouble we can be to them.

Of course, it could just be that none of our team from Anguilla bothered to attend the November meetings. Maybe, they know nothing about these developments. If this is so, in my view, it will prove to be very unfortunate for us!


  1. The Chief Minister has a Public Relations Officer whose only qualification seems to be that he betrayed the members of his former party to join the United Front.

    Judged by his output since he was hired, it seems to take him about two weeks to prepare each press release.

    Perhaps as a reward for his loyalty, if not his productivity, he was taken to Europe to report on events that concern us. It is disappointing that we must pay for his time and travels but get our news from people we never heard of in...where?...Uruguay? Good grief.

  2. Two points:

    1. The lack of comments to this Blog speaks volumes as to the Country of Origin of the regular commentators on this site. They will comment on the Dolphions, etc. etc.; but they are deadly silent when the topic is the Eurpoean and UK plans to take over Anguilla by expatriate Legislation. Which brings me to the second point.

    2. I recall a couple years ago when there was much public discussion on the giving of British Citizenship to Anguillians.

    There were certain persons, including two very eminent Lawyers , who spoke publically about the negatives of the British Citizenship, including both the reciprocity point and the Eurpoean Union Sovereignty point, and the great threat to Anguilla.

    Needless to say those Lawyers were publically cyrsed by Members of Government, the Chief Minister saying, amongst other things, that they, the Lawyers didn't want Anguillians to be able to go to the USA that is why they are against the British Citizenship an such other nonsense. The People were sold on the Government's USA propagander and bought into the program wholsale.

    Now Mr. Mitchell is drawing to their attention the European Legislation WHICH WILL DIRECTLY AFFECT ANGUILLIANS even though Anguillians have no say in such legislation.

    what about the fact that when the UK begins the mandatory military service program in 2009, ALL ANGUILLIANS of age who have rushed to get the British passport WILL BE subject to that mandatory military service.

    That is going to be a funny sight when these opportunists who thought they had won the Lottery by getting the British Passport, start self-manuring on being told they must serve in the British armed Forces; off to Afghanistan you go!!

    Colonialism and racist slavery by another name.


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