15 February, 2010


Well, there, I have voted.  I really don’t want to write anything on the elections taking place in Anguilla today.  There is this irrational, but visceral, fear that, whatever I write, I’ll end up putting ‘goat mouth’ on the outcome.  So, I shall just keep quiet about my hopes and fears for the results expected late tonight.
One comment I feel obliged to make is that I found the atmosphere in the line of voters at the Road Methodist Church to be very light hearted.  Everyone seemed to share the same unbelievably friendly and gregarious mood.  There were no scowling faces and menacing looks as I have experienced in previous elections.  Everyone was chatting and laughing with everyone else.  And, the large number of people that were there standing in queue from early was itself unusual. 
I can only hope that these are good omens for the future.


  1. Don:

    You write, "Everyone seemed to share the same unbelievably friendly and gregarious mood."

    One can only conclude that "everyone" read your prior post regarding lubricants....they were gregarious and still toppled the government.

  2. Don:

    I thought your political analysis work last night on TV was excellent. I only wished you had remained there beyond the first hour.


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