16 February, 2010


Some reflections on the elections.  I am happy with the election results.  I have no doubt that the Anguillian electorate has spoken loudly and clearly.  Congratulations to the victors, and commiserations to the losers.  Better luck next time.  And, there will be a next time, perhaps sooner than we all realise.
This is DeFosto’s satirical calypso on Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s palace that he has just had government build for him in the heart of Port of Spain in Trinidad.  The music reflects so clearly what Anguillians thought about the United Front Party and the incumbent politicians that I invite you to look at it to get a sense of how relieved we all are in Anguilla at the outcome of yesterday’s elections.
The elections are not completely over.  The likelihood is that, in the coming weeks, Sutcliffe Hodge will challenge Neil Rogers’ victory in the courts.  To this day, Neil has refused to demonstrate something that only he can do, and that would have cost him nothing: that he has effectively renounced his US citizenship, something that he is required to do under our Constitution if he is to be legally qualified to sit in the House of Assembly.
Will the Hon Hubert Hughes, our new Chief Minister, remember James Frankel of La Samana hotel in St Maarten?  In about 1979 Frankel was given an Aliens Landholding Licence by the Government of Anguilla to purchase land at Maundays Bay from Emile Gumbs, and to lease more of it from Government.  He began building what was to become the Cap Juluca hotel.  The following year, during the election campaign, Hubert took as one of his main campaign planks a threat to force Frankel to re-negotiate the Licence.  He said he wanted to see more density on the beach.  Now, a licence of this sort, which contains mutual undertakings and promises by both government and the developer, can be considered a contract.  Ronald Webster made Hubert Minister of Tourism in the new government that took office in 1980.  Hubert continued to make it clear to Frankel that his licence was not going to be honoured.  Frankel sued the Government for anticipatory breach of his licence agreement.  I do not know what advice the A-G gave government.  But, government hurriedly agreed with Frankel that in exchange for his dropping the suit, he could sell his licence and project for a goodly profit to Friedland and Hickox, who became the next developers of the hotel.  If Frankel had continued with the case, the likelihood is great that Government would have lost it, and been ordered to pay him substantial damages.  Will Hubert make the same mistake all over again, as he is promising to do?
Congratulations are due to the IT team which put together a brilliant website to cover the results as they were coming out.  If you have not seen the web pages before, you can get the election details here.  The elections map which showed the results as they developed was particularly good.  Congratulations again to Rudy Webster, Romero Kelsick, Garson Kelsick, Ludwig Grant, Damien Harrigan, Vaughn Hazell, Roxanne Romney, Duquaine Brooks, Dwayne Smith, and Karenda Brooks.  You did a magnificent job of bringing the elections to those of us who stayed home glued to our computer screens.  Don’t put away the software just yet!


  1. Quite entertaining, reminds me of early Eddy Grant originally from Guyana (their voices are identical). If it wasn't for the sour political message, it's quite a happy song. Then again, most caribbean tunes, mostly reggae, are a political powerhouse. Why not some calypso for the masses? Dance people.............! - Scotty

  2. "...electorate has spoken loudly and clearly."

    In November 2009 America had an election and our electorate also spoke loudly and clearly; you can see where that's gotten us so far.

    I wish much luck to Anguilla with it's newly elected government.

  3. Wow the Pro British party was clearly defeated. This is serious change in Anguilla now that the Anti-British Party is in.

    I would have been happy if any of these were in the government and not necessarily part of a particular Party:

    Pamavon Webster or Othyln Vanterpool
    Cora Hodge or Jerome Roberts
    Neil Rogers
    Brent Davis
    Wilmoth Hodge

    Another 4 years of bashing Britain. Please Mr. Hughes don't embarass us this time around. Be a gentleman and not go around calling people ugly. Remember the Baroness Scotland ugly tantrum.

    Another note, it is going to be very interesting listening to one particular newly elected rep use of the English language.

  4. Each year the Federal Register in the US publishes a list of people who renounced their citizen citizenship that year. Neil's name will either be one of of these lists or not. It should be easy enough to prove one way or the other. I hear Eddy checked and Neil is not on the lists. But before anyone spends thousands of dollars on lawyers and court fees they should check the lists themselves.

  5. Neil is an ANguillian. End of story. Stop wasting money. THis is not a situation like in the US where some Americans are still waiting for Barack Obama long form birth certificate and college transcripts. We know Neil was born in Anguilla and has every right to serve in any elected office.

    As far as I'm concern all Anguillians have dual citizenship. And by the way, are we Anguillians, British Ovserseas Citizens, British Dependent Citizens or plain ole British citizens now?

    Neil is right to do the Barack Obama and treat this dual citizenship as a non issue.


    Every pot hole in AXA will now be blame on the UK government. Four years of moaning and daily Hubert complaints. I pray the second time around, they will get to governing and not just talk. But then again Mr. Hughes might surprise us and declare Edison Baird is the New CM.

  6. "Anonymous" two above; where were you when Kenneth was in the House? Where were you when Osbourne was in the House? Where were you when Belto was in the House? Where were you when Victor was in the House? None of them pretended to be masters at Her Majesty's English language. Because they were not.
    You are not an Anguillan by birth or parentage, and perhaps you do not even reside here.
    As you are an American, would you be so kind as to tell us whether you found it "..to be very interesting listening to one particular [non] elected rep [George W. Bush]use of the English Language"?
    You see, the names you would have wished to have been elected show clearly your way of thinking, which reveals much more about yourself than you would have intended.
    If you listened to even one of Chief Minister's Hughes' campaing speeches you would have known that any time he mentioned the British GOVERNMENT, ( not the people), he did so in the context of the manner in which the recently rejected Government were permitted to destroy Anguilla. He did not "bash" Britain so stop your fictitious nonsense.

    The people have overwhelmingly elected the Government. That is the essence of Democracy. Live with it in peace or return to your homeland.

  7. All I did was make a comment about a line Mr. Mitchell used and compared it to my perception of what's going on in my country, and wish Anguilla well with it's new government.

    Chill out my friend and be assured I live in peace.

  8. I see that the unelectable Haydn Hughes has been made a nominated member. How is such nepotism allowed?

    Can the governor refuse to accept his appointment? Nepotism by a despot ? Might they be referred to as Nepotos and Despotos ?

    Huberts quote that god answered Anguillas prayers to elect him, I hope that those who voted against him will use that against him next time.

    The other quote that I liked was that the new government will ensure that the public services will operate without political interference;the idea is laughable.

    How long before the mud slinging starts in earnest?

  9. I am also amazed that Hadyn Hughes accepted that post. For many years he has railed against nepotism and here he is engaging in it. I suppose when the island is this small some things have to go unnoticed.

    I think it is a alarming case of the educational development of Anguillians when nominated members in 2010 can't even have a college degree. There is no reason why the AUM cannot find people who support their policies to fill this post other than the son of the CM. I think such positions should be filled by bureaucrats who understand the workings of the public sector, government and policy. Is this the new change or same change we getting. More political appointees by the AUM. The anti-interllectulism is reigning its ugly head in AXA again and in its place is a fierce disregard for people who strive for personal development.


    When are the women in AXA going to wake up. Don't tell me, you can't find one qualified and charismatic woman to run in a district and win an elected seat to the HOuse. Costa Rica elected a woman president, A woman is running to replace the Brazillian president. Are we following the AMerican example where any woman who is not a democrat and irreligious is regarded as dumb, idiotic, unqualified and stupid?


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