19 February, 2010

White man

God, I love this angry white man. I never heard of him before. Someone sent me the link to this video. It was so beautiful to listen to. I had to share it with you:
Is that not the most refreshing piece of honesty you have heard for a long time?  I thought so.
I don't know whether his rant applies more to our Muslim cousins than it does to our Christian brothers and sisters. What is certain is that it applies to both of them. Probably equally!

For my determinedly Christian readers, who would rather listen to his blast directed to our Muslim cousins I recommend this video as being more politically correct. For Christians, that is:
All those Anguillians who would love to live in faith-based Saudi Arabia right now, put up your hands!


  1. The Bible (God's unchanging word) says we can own slaves from other countries. Hence the title of this article, "Why Can't I Own A Canadian?". This and similar questions makes for lots of fun.


  2. You forget to mention that the worst slaves masters in history are the communists, who are atheists.Also,freedom of speech, was not championed by atheists,but by Christians from England and USA.Which country run by communists have freedom of speech?


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