10 February, 2010

Aloe Vera

Lubricants.  I know, every West Indian hedonist is well aware that here is nothing that beats the core of a leaf of aloe vera chewed up and collected in a cereal bowl, and placed on the bedside table.  Ever since the days of slavery, this potion has not only been the spermicide of choice for knowledgeable West Indians, but also the intimate lubricant nonpareil.  There is the little matter of the possibility of indelible stain on the hotel’s sheets, but, for the more cautious, the waterproof shower curtains have long ago solved that little problem!
Aloe vera, famously, cures sunburn instantly, takes a little longer, say 24 hours, for a burn of boiling water.  But, for sex?  Never has anything better been discovered or invented.  Apparently, until now.
St Valentine’s day is fast approaching.  The sexually active need to plan ahead.  Aloe vera is best used fresh.  Flaxseed, by contrast, can be prepared a day or two in advance. So, I offer you a choice of the two. 
I am not interested in whether you think that this is an appropriate post. If you don’t like it, go and create your own blog.  After you have tried a leaf of aloe vera
Go on, I know you will love it.
Reports should be published on YouTube, not here.


  1. At least it is not politics!

  2. At this time, when madness has taken over the airwaves in Anguilla, at least you have brought us back to basics. I guess you are not seeking any vote of approval?

  3. Don:

    Although you don't care to hear whether I think that your post is appropriate, here is my opinion: it is highly appropriate, informative, and demonstrates that you are expert in matters of the body and heart as well as in politics and jurisprudence.

    Thank you for the information and laughs (I could continue but I am going out to nurture our aloe plant).

  4. I love the comment 'at least it's not politics'. I beg to differ. If you'll forgive my French, politicians are some of the biggest dick heads out there...and of course, many of them are not adverse to a little 'lubricating' when it comes to their palms and pocketbooks.

  5. Actually, your blog made me laugh. A completely unexpected reversal of your usual blog insights.

    4 more days !!!!!

  6. Happy Valentine Day!

  7. Sex is 100% better than politics, just about every time! - Scotty


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