24 January, 2009


Passing the 100,000 visit mark. I nearly missed it. While I was in St Kitts attending the 90th birthday of my aunt, this blog celebrated its 100,000th visit. That is worth some sort of celebration. Join me in raising a glass to Corruption-free Anguilla.

I have configured the site meter so that it does not include my visits in the statistics. If I visit the blog four or five times a day, eg, to post comments, then my four or five visits are not counted in the statistics.

How it counts other persons I have never bothered to find out. It is very likely that if you visit once and then “refresh” five times, that will count as six separate visitors. I do not know if the figures are misleading in that way. It is possible that if you post a comment, then visit five or six times to see if anyone has responded to your comment, that will count as five or six separate visits. I do not know.

Even so, I am honoured that several of you have seen it fit to spend a few minutes each week visiting.

I am especially indebted to those of you who have posted explanations, elaborations, and even criticisms. They have all added to the interest. And, I have learned a thing or two.

My thanks to all of you.

PS: I stopped just in time spelling it “millstones”.


  1. Mr. Mitchell, you have exposed a lot of wrongs and a lot of stupidness. It's no wonder there are some immature ones who blame the messenger instead of fixing the problem you've exposed.

    The Ministers say repeatedly that it's only a few people who are complaining. In one sense that's true - most of us are afraid to speak out, except among friends. Many of those who aren't afraid have a clear agenda, either political or psychiatric.

    And then there's you. As far as I can see, you just believe we can have a better Anguilla. I support that, and I thank you for your leadership.

  2. What's wrong with millstones? They also serve a purpose. Many years ago maybe! :) - Scotty

  3. As the first comment says well, we, your readers, thank you. Anguilla owes you a massive debt for exposing its horrendously bad government. Although the awakening process seems painfully slow, I do believe that ultimately your efforts will be rewarded by emboldening the Anguilla people to hold their elected representatives to account. Let us hope that will happen sooner rather than later, and that the government's mind blowing profligacy in attempting to buy the votes of public employees with salary increases that Anguilla cannot remotely afford will be seen for what it is.

  4. "Millstones" would have been spot on. That's exactly what this government has inflicted on Anguilla.

  5. Congats Don
    Depending on your counter some count page views (hit the refresh button and it counts each time you click)The other type counts IPs no matter how many times you click, it only counts 1x

  6. Don: I take credit for more than a few of your "hits." I check you daily and often check back to read comments. In behalf of all Anguillians and all who love Anguilla, thank you for the outstanding pubic service that you perform. Our country will always benefit from some "tough love." Congratulations on 100K and may there be many 100's of 1,000's more to come.

  7. Speaking of massive debt, how do we go about contributing to your libel fund? Or is the matter settled yet, going to the Law Lords like "Talk Your Mind" did, or whatever...

  8. I'm still hoping that, since they have got their judgment against me, we can settle the amount of damages and costs more or less to our mutual satisfaction.

    Thanks for the offer, but I am not planning on any more accidental libels.


  9. HEY DON,
    Thanks for keeping an eye on Anguilla while Britain burns!

    The House of Lords, which is suppose to be the pinnacle of the British state is now revealed to be a squalid den of sleaze and corruption, with an 83 year old Lord seeking 120K per annum retainer to "bend the law" and 3 others prepared to be paid to change the laws!

    Keep on exposing wrong doing in Anguilla, but look across the great pond now and then.

    Why is Don Mitchell fiddling in Anguilla while Britain is burning with sleaze and corruption?

  10. Hello Nero,

    I agree there is more sleaze in the UK than there is in Anguilla.

    One other discernible difference is that in the UK they investigate this sleaze, publish names and details, prosecute the perpetrators, and send the people to jail.

    In Anguilla, by comparison, we sweep it under the carpet, shrug our collective shoulders, wink at each other, and just wish that it could have been us at the receiving end, and that we would not get caught.

    No official in Anguilla guilty of widely conceded criminal conduct, far less sleaze, has ever to my knowledge been properly prosecuted, far less jailed. All such details are routinely hidden away, for fear that it might make us "look bad".

    The UK approach is designed to punish the guilty and to deter others. Our approach is designed to reward the offenders and to encourage others to do the same.


  11. "Nero", who I believe is the same writer who commented elsewhere this morning that you were "fired from being a judge" and that you were "the worst the Caribbean has ever seen", and who I believe commented yesterday under yet another name that your blog is "all lies," fails to understand that this blog is about corruption in Anguilla.

  12. Lobbist tailoring laws: legislators setting out their hire-rates: peers boasting of how they have amended policy in return for cash. The Upper House has become a chamber of quangocrats and placemen, of party doners and creeps, of ex-whips and ex MP's with fistfuls of directorships and consultancies.

    Telegraph co.uk 25,Jan 2009

    Corruption scandals coming out of the British Parliament makes it more difficult to enforce good government in Anguilla.

    Our call for openess and accountability in Anguilla and a Freedom of Information Act has just been undermined by the British Members of Parliament who recently exempted themselves from their own Freedom of Informtion rules and put themselves above the law.

    Micheal Misick (Turks and Caicos) must be laughing himself silly!


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