11 January, 2009


Nominations being accepted for Anguilla 2008 Awards of Shame. Several of you have sent in suggestions for additional Anguillian awards. Most of them are unprintable. But, you sound very angry. Some of us need to ‘vent’. So, I am inviting those of you who have not yet done so to send me your nominations for the year 2008. Please do not just send a name. Add a few words in support of your nominee. We need to understand why you think your person should win. You may do it anonymously by email or on this blog.

Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the areas in which prizes are available:

Chickens Come Home to Roost Award

Concealment of Information Award

Creative Advertising Cup

Conflict of Interest Prize

Cultural Vandalism Award

Environmental Destroyer Prize

Bernard L Madoff Award for Fiscal Prudence and Creative Borrowing

Outstanding Architecture Plaque

Political Genius Award

Public Service Misachievement

Spammer of the year Medal

Sustainable Developer of the Year Trophy

Rules: Nominees not limited to Anguillians, but must relate to 2008 activities in, or in connection with, Anguilla. All submissions to be in by the end of January, more or less. Prizes to be announced during February, hopefully. Value of all prizes to be in the sole discretion of the Corruption-free Anguilla management and staff. Management reserves the right to exclude nominees/comments deemed inappropriate.


  1. Should your awards be extended to TCI let's say... fake doctor Misick would be an unbeatable winner in many categories unfortunately... I hope you're not plagued with such megalomaniac thieves in Anguilla ...

  2. We have fake doctors and we have megalomaniac thieves, but we have nothing to compare with Michael Misick, who will star in the first public hearing of the Commission of Inquiry which starts this morning in TCI.

  3. The clear winner of the Environmental Destroyer Award was revealed in 2008: Karim Hodge, Director of the Department of Environment for allowing invasive beach morning glory to take over Sombrero.

  4. I now have one submission for awards to each of:

    Spammer of the year

    Political genius of the year

    Conflict of interest


  5. I would like to suggest a nomination for your award for environmental vandalism.

    Removal of the entire beach and dunes at Windward Point.

    Is this anything to do with the Hodge family?


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