09 January, 2010


My modest proposal.  The earth heads inexorably towards its seven billionth human inhabitant.  The forecast date for arriving at this figure is just one year away, 2011.  The world faces universal overpopulation.  A full 97% of global growth is happening in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.  So says the Population Reference Bureau’s 2009 World Population Data Sheet.  Eight in ten of today’s 1.5 billion youth live in developing countries.  Over 1 billion people lack access to clean water.  Over 2.5 billion lack a toilet facility of any kind.  Nearly one in four people live on less than US$1 per day.  Nearly 3 billion struggle to survive on US$2 per day.  The WHO estimates that one-third of the world is under-fed, and another one-third is starving.  Over 4 million will die from hunger this year alone. 
One has to wonder, into what sort of world are today’s Anguillian babies being born?  What fate awaits them as the land comes one day soon to resemble nothing more than the body of a dying dog, with the people nothing more than ticks and flees escaping from the cooling body?
Since 1958, we have known what happens to rats in a cage even with an unlimited supply of food and water.  As population increases, social behaviour degenerates.  The well-fed but crowded out rats kill each other in a frenzy of destruction.  We won't have the luxury of unlimited food and water.
We have searched high and low for the answer.  We tried bird flu.  That turned out to be a wimp.  We tried swine flu.  It only made the pharmaceutical companies richer.  The plague epidemic worked in the Middle Ages.  All attempts to revive it have crashed in failure.  Even HIV has not been the panacea we all looked forward to. 
All hope is not lost.  When the seal population explodes in Canada, they compete with the fishermen for fish.  Canadians know how to deal with the problem.  They cull them.  Namibia has hit on the same solution to the problem.  In Canada alone, a quarter of a million a year is the minimum.  I question why we have not more effectively implemented this obvious solution to the human population problem.
Ruanda is the most densely populated country in Africa, and they have proved that a cull can give relief, if only temporarily.  In 1994 up to 1 million of the then 7.5 million inhabitants were killed by their neighbours.  Its current population of 8.5 million is set to double to 16 million by 2020 at its current growth rate.  Some 70% live below the poverty line.  Soon, another cull will be necessary.
Ethnic cleansing is one possible solution.  In Europe the Christian Serbs showed how easily it can be accomplished:

Not to be outdone, the Muslim militia of Kosovo did their bit to help their Serbian neighbours enjoy a little more breathing room:

Religion is definitely our best hope.  With the Christians killing Jews and Moslems, and Moslems killing Jews and Christians, all that is left for success to be achieved is for Jews to add Christians to their present list.  We should all start going to church and become as fervent as we possibly can.  I am encouraging it.
And then I woke up with a start.  Was it only a bad dream, or a prescient sense of foreboding? 


  1. Anguilla has failed to do our part in population control. Our gangs, illegal drugs market and political parties are insufficiently organized. They need to align themselves better, as has been done with great success in Jamaica. This has the potential of killing off hundreds of Anguillian young men a year. Why do the Tourist Board, all political parties and the Christian Council continue to oppose innovative local culling?

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Don. ;-)

    Cheer up. The world is better off than it was 100 years ago and will be better off in another 100 years. But you know what? In 100 years, "Chicken Littles" will still abound, only able to see the "bad stuff of that time" as being unsurmountable.

  3. Only Alice in Wonderland could claim that "the world" is better off today than it was 100 years ago.

    As any Google search will reveal, the total number of persons living in 1900 was barely 1.5 billion. In 100 years time we will be trying to feed and house 10 billion people!

    Despite the Green Revolution there are 2 billion people living at starvation levels in the world today. http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/worldpopinfo.php is as good a place to start as any.

    Just because a majority of North American and Western European residents go to sleep with full bellies does not make “the world” a better place today than 100 years ago.

  4. According to a UN Information Service “Right to Food Report” of March 29, 2004, p.6, around 36 million people die from hunger directly or indirectly every year. Guess how much better off the majority of people are going to be in 100 years!

  5. Don,

    some of your postings and comments have ranged (or deranged)from the ridiculous to worse. The "Christian agnostic" is as confused asa you are. The essence of being agnostic is that one believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God. How can one not believe or know for sure that there is a God yet believe that that God has a son name Jesus the Christ, such that one claims to be a "Christian"?? Sounds like you and these folks have been partaking of the opiate, while I rest assured in my belief in God and His Son Jesus.

  6. Don

    In the spirit of intolerance you speak against you have not posted my counter-post wondering who is really partaking of the opiate. I think you would better illustrate tolerance if you posted it (and this). I look forward to seeingthe posts. It would take nothing off you and improves your standing in my sight and that of the others who have some little faith in your objectivity..... and tolerance.

  7. I have deleted a couple of posts that promoted superstition. I do not publish pro-obeah or pro-faith-of-any-kind propaganda on this blog.

    I have relented and complied with the request of the person above only to show the sort of stuff I am referring to.

    Religion exists for the abuse of the minds of simple persons and children by the unscrupulous among us. Religious beliefs are not entitled to equal time.

    Please don't send any more. It makes me feel quite ill to have to post stuff about God and his son named Jesus or anything of that ilk.


  8. Now, that is intolerant language? Or, is it just intemperate? Or, is it both?

    Whatever, I felt better for it.


  9. [Obligatory-Don-Mitchell-Insult] Seems to several observers that your pacemaker is too slow, and not enough blood is getting to your brain anymore, Don. This seems to prove it. [/O-D-M-I] (Yeah, I know, you didn't come here to be made sport of, but you asked, and now I oblige...)

    Hold on to your seats everyone: increased population *is* a good thing, and the reason's *exactly* because we're humans and not rats. Rats don't create progress, defined by everyone except luddites and cryptomarxians as "more new better stuff cheaper over time".

    Looked at it this way, the most dangerous mass murders are "environmentalists". You, know, the usual Sanctified Persons, like, say, :-), Rachel Carson, of "Silent Spring" fame. No. Really. With the banning of DDT, 50 million people, most of them small African children have died horrible deaths from malaria alone. We aren't even looking at all the other tropical diseases that DDT would have prevented here.

    Green is the new Red, indeed. Blood Red.

    But that's not the real point, as awful as it is to contemplate.

    One of those people, one of those Africans, could have thought of the cure to Cancer. No. Really.

    Or someone could have been born out of those 50 million have finally figured out nuclear fusion, giving us several orders of magnitude more energy and access to the resources of the entire solar system, instead of this round blue "rat cage" that the environmentalists have replaced instead of the Deity in their fervent prayers. I suppose worshiping Gaia is better than worshiping Karl Marx, but not by much...

    Environmentalism, like Marxism, is pseudoscience, pure and simple. So too is "population control".

  10. you even have t/a going this am....thanks for the thoughts....people need to read more other than the bible....

  11. Don...there are 100 million women missing in the world...would this be culling???????kate

  12. Don't worry too much. Global warming will make the tropics uninhabitable and the temperate zone almost so so we'll either die off of starvation and various diseases or kill each other in the fight for Siberia and Northern Canada.

  13. "Global Warming". Another hoax.

    BTW, people should take a look at a book on the industrial revolution called "Farewell to Alms", by Gregory Clark. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_Clark_(economist)

    He talks about, among other things, the so-called pre-industrial Malthusian "Trap", the demographic transition, and how some cultures took off after industrialism, and other did exactly the opposite. Hint: it wasn't "exploitation", as the Marxists would have you believe after their class-warfare theory exploded in their face after World War II and they did a wholesale find/replace on the word "classes", with "nation-states".

    I still think he's wrong about the demographic transition (richer populations have fewer children after industrialization), because I think it was pretty much demonstrated to plain old increased life-expectancy was the cause of that. For instance, rich pre-industrial people have big families because they can afford to, but the same pre-industrial diseases thin the herd for them as anyone else.

    Great book for those who aren't, heh, thinking with their pacemakers, on such things...

  14. Right. One more thing. Culling. Clark talks about how various cultures cull their populations to avoid the "Malthusian Trap" inherent in pre-industrial economies: you can have population or income growth, but not both. Industrialism turned that on its head, pretty much.

    The English kept their population in check by creating a whole class of non-breeding women, spinsters, who had social acceptance, and by, oddly enough, marrying long after the age of puberty. The Greeks and Romans did it by exposing their children. The Tahitians did that, too. Infanticide was their preferred means of birth control. So much for gentle people at one with nature in the balmy tropical breezes...

  15. I have been told by a Mexican of my acquaintance that a well-grown American male contains enough flesh to feed a family of four well for a month ...

  16. ...and in Uganda, they're still taking Swift to heart: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/programmes/newsnight/8441813.stm

  17. Mother Nature will take care of the culling--just give her a little time, it has already started. It happens naturally whenever a population gets too big for its environment: violence, disease, homosexualism (I know, I'm not politically correct), etc., occurs until the population gets back into balance with its environment. Don't forget, Mother Nature also has at her disposal all kinds of natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, mudslides, drought, etc.)

    We, homo sapiens sapiens are very arrogant and think that the earth revolves around us, the "smartest species of them all". The Earth was here long before we came on the scene and will be here long after we are gone. The environmentalists are, after all, not trying to save the Earth. They are trying to save the supremacy of one species.

    We are adaptable & that is why we have lasted as long as we have. But, our adaptability and our science & technology cannot surpass the arsenal of Mother Nature.

  18. Can these be human beings talking in such a heartless manner? Yes,it is one of the many horrible fruits of the false science of evolution.Ideas do have consequences.As a man thinketh in his heart,so is he.

  19. This is all very interesting (if not confusing). Don, You did not have to mention how sick you were of having to deal with God or His Son Jesus Christ. You made that very clear in the article. By the way If anyone thought that Don was advocating Genocide in this article you missed the boat completely. If you know anything about literary genre you would understand that he is voicing his displeasure with such reprehensible happenings in the world.

  20. I hope you are happy Don, you and those who share your views. Probably 200,000 Haitians died in the earthquake, since they are "poor and miserable" they might equate to 2 million better off souls


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