12 October, 2009


Anyone for Golf?  FYI, I have just been told that an announcement was made this morning at Cap Juluca.  They are backing out of the agreement to manage the golf course. Thought you might all want to know.

Okay, are we surprised?  Who were they trying to kid?  I suspect Cap wanted to ride in on their white horse and look good.  Now the MoA has been approved there is nothing to stop them backing out.  

If the story is true, real slimeballs!

What sort of protections did our Ministers put in place before they signed away all our revenue for the next 25 years?  

I would like to see Pam Webster come out with something on this one.


  1. Damn, I guess I'll have to once again sneak out and play ;) - Scotty

  2. 1) Has the Government entered into a memorandum of agreement with CJ?

    2) If so, is CJ's assumption of golf course responsibilities one of its terms? If no, then what is the relevance of CJ backing-out? If yes, then it is in breach of the MoA.

    3) Don, you seem to suggest that--because the MoA has already been approved--"there is nothing to keep them from backing out." If its obligations were not made a part of the MoA, then shame on the government. I don't have to explain to you the difference between "negotiation" and the "mutual obligations that consistent a contract." Both sides have a right to suggest rights/obligations during negotiations; however, it is only what is placed in the contract that is enforceable.

  3. Some anonymous person, in the interests of transparency, wants me to post his/her deranged attacks on an individual. He/she protests that I do not do so. Why?

    Not interested.


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