12 October, 2009


What Does It All Mean for Anguilla?  It looks as if we have a new British Minister for the Overseas TerritoriesChris Bryant has announced on Twitter even before Downing Street put out the news that he has been promoted from being junior Foreign Office minister to be the new Europe Minister.  He replaces Lady Glenys Kinnock who is swapping places with him.  Lady Kinnock now takes on responsibility for Africa, South America, Australasia and the Pacific, Consular policy, the Olympics, Protocol, Human Resources and Diversity, as well as Central America and the Caribbean.  

Lady Glenys Kinnock and Chris Bryant

Africa now has two ministers.  Latin America and the Caribbean have one.  What sort of priority does that indicate?  Or, am I missing something?

Bryant has been very hand-on with regard to the three Overseas Territories that are deeply in debt, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, and Anguilla.  At least he sits in the House of Commons where the real power resides.  Now, we shall be responsible to a member of the House of Lords who are all either nominated or hereditary . 

Besides, with all the other responsibilities, where will she find the time to attend to Anguilla

Let us hope she has some very efficient permanent secretaries.


  1. Let them Minister to their own Country.

    Independence now!!

  2. Then this year it emerged that he was up to his neck in the expenses scandal, repeatedly flipping the designation of his second home to maximise his claims. On one property he claimed a total of £58,493.26 for a new bathroom and kitchen and to demolish his conservatory – almost three times the annual maximum. He would also claim Stamp Duty on his Commons expenses as he built up his property portfolio.

    Bryant used to be a Church of England vicar but he has certainly embraced mammon under his new calling.

    So what of his views? Given his ardent support for greater European Union integration it is likely he will be more concerned with championing the EU's interests in Britain than standing up for Britain's interests in the EU.

    Meanwhile Baroness Kinnock will be spending more time visiting Africa and Asia. She will keep her £106,136 salary level. But what a humiliation that Gordon Brown has decided she is not up to the job and that someone as lacking in judgment and steeped in scandal as Bryant would represent an improvement.

    MAIL online 13/10/2009

  3. http://is.gd/4i3fl

    Cayman News Service
    13 October 2009

    According to the Governor's Office, Chris Bryant remains UK minister with responsibility for Overseas Territories following a
    Cabinet reshuffle in which he and Baroness Glenys Kinnock essentially switched jobs. Bryant has now been given the more
    prestigeous post of minister for Europe while Kinnock takes on Africa. CNS reported this morning that the Kinnock had now also
    replaced Bryant as OT Minister but this appears not to be the case...


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