27 August, 2009


Fly infestation at the Corito garbage dump site. You are not safe walking even upwind from the garbage dump at Corito. It is unimaginably worse if you live downwind of it. The cause is an infestation of flies. There are flies everywhere. The swarming has been going on for two weeks now.

I spoke to Cuthwin Webster to find out if he knew about the problem. Knew about the problem? The man is so steamed up I could hardly make sense of what he was saying. He is mad as hell.

The problem results from a failure to deal with the garbage correctly. The rules for taking garbage to the dump are simple. For the purpose of this problem, they cannot be simpler. Domestic waste, stuff from the kitchen, goes to the left when you enter the dump. This area is covered daily with a layer of earth, to prevent smell and reduce flies. Construction waste goes to the right, where it is left exposed. It is clean and does not assault the nostrils if left uncovered.

The trucks which have the contracts to collect the construction waste know the rules. At the Corito main gate they announce to the gate keeper that they are bringing construction waste. They are directed to the right. It is only when they dumpster upends the cargo that the mass of rotting kitchen waste hidden in the bottom of the dumpster is revealed. Now, it lies on top of the construction waste, and is covered with maggots and flies. Little Harbour and George Hill lie just downwind.

The culprit is one of our biggest hotel developments. They do not make sure their staff put the kitchen waste in bags in the correct garbage bins as they are supposed to do. Their housekeeping staff stand accused of mixing the kitchen waste in with the construction waste. That is what is causing the problem.

Why, you ask, does not the dump just cover up the construction waste? The answer is that it is an expensive process digging up the marl, trucking it to the top of the waste, and spreading it around with backhoes. Cuthwin says he is paid by government to cover up the area for domestic waste. If he is to cover up the construction waste area as well as the domestic waste area, it will cost twice as much. Government is not prepared to pay for that.

I agree with Cuthwin. It would be a big help if the Environmental Health Unit could find a way to make the construction people obey the rules. It is a matter of the public health. We could have an epidemic of some sort on our hands if this continues.

Not to mention the inconvenience of spitting out flies every time you take a breath!

I know. I went walking from Corito to Tanglewood this morning.


  1. Domestic flies, often called "Filth Flies," are not only a nuisance by their presence, but are important from a human and animal health standpoint. House flies may spread diseases such as conjunctivitis, poliomyelitis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, anthrax, leprosy, cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.

  2. What's the problem?
    Which truck? Fine them the cost of repairing the situation..
    Which establishment? Can't get a truck at the old rates because of the fine. Establishment is more vigilant.

    ps Where is Franz Fanon?

  3. In modern facilities containers are dumped on a concrete floor and sorted. Violator the are found. Recycles are recovered. Hazardous waste discovered. Just look up how facilities modern facilities are run. Were does the used paint thinner go, used oil go, used fluorescent tubes go (mercury) Nicad, lead acid, mercury batteries go, cathode ray tubes go. Do you know how much room cardboard take up?

  4. My question is: Is there a legal remedy? Can residents of Little Harbour and those near the dump that are affected sue someone, as a group, or individually? What could they sue _for_?


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