28 August, 2009

Flag Revival

The villa owners are taking over? Word is that some of the villa owners at Flag are not waiting on the outcome of their law suits. Nor are they are waiting on the outcome of the negotiations between government and the lenders. Far less are they waiting for the outcome of the recent negotiations between Guish and George and the local government. The word is that they realise that if they do not immediately go into possession of their $12 million villas and stake out their claim, they will be in the equivalent of the Oklahoma land rush. So, they have hired Tony and company to finish off their villas. Then, they are going into possession and declaring they are in their residences. Their stance is, ‘Let us now see who can claim better possessory title after that!’ They expect to be in possession of seven of the villas completed and occupied by December of this year.

Meanwhile, Guish and George have returned to Anguilla. Are they really back from exile in St Kitts? They claim they are taking over Temenos. I do not know what happened to their big plans in St Kitts. Are they trying to keep a foot in both islands? Or, are they finished with St Kitts? Do you know?

I am told that they want to take over the golf course, the restaurant and ‘some of the villas’. Or, is it that they just want to help ‘finish’ some of the villas? The message is confused. They are said to be backed by one JB of Antil. Who he is, is not entirely clear. Is this just another stop-gap con-job? Or, is it something of substance? Only time will tell.

And, what is in it for the owners of Cap Juluca? Why should Aaron have agreed to take on the $200 thousand per month bill of keeping the golf course watered? There is no advantage for him and his investors that I can see.

Can you?


  1. what are they going to do about infrastructure? where are they going to get water, electric and sewer services? I don't think this has been very well thought out. Also, who will provide services to the villas once the people have taken residence? Who will want to when so many are owed so much?

  2. It seems as though we are being walked over again. Have we lost control of our island completely? THIS HAS TO STOP.
    Our Government stated that all monies owed must be paid before any work continues.
    Now you have brought this to light, lets see if the the goa reports this to the governor and the cops and gets all involved arrested. These people must be told that they are guests of Anguilla and can be removed immediately and also denied entry. I expect an example of who Anguilla belongs to, to be made soon. If it is the developers then we anguillians might as well leave as we will have lost our country, How could we allow this to happen?
    Thank you for your blog, this is proving to be very informative to us Anguillians.
    If any work has started before all monies owed are paid off then this is a disgrace.
    I hope someone is really checking the source of funds as this behaviour if true smells badly.
    Definitely follow the money see where it is coming from and where and who it is going to. As usual rumours abound about the people involved with supplying monies for Flag or Temenos. What a stench coming from names like Viceroy, Flag, Crocus bay Developers etc.
    Flaunting our work permit laws, Flaunting our immigration laws etc. How did we let this happen? the mind boggles at what we have lost.

  3. The mysterious J.B. Turbidy of Auberge-Firesky?

    What are your sources for this blog? Let's see some transparency practiced - we'd all like to know before more rumors spread and people get worked up?

  4. Liens should be put on all and every part of Flag/Temenos or whatever it is called now.
    The GOA should fence the road off so that no one can enter.
    No work should be allowed to begin until all monies owed to our people from this project are paid in full.
    If any owners even think of taking over any part of this property they should be deported by immigration.
    If any Anguillians are assisting in any way these or this development then the GOA should restore law and order by ordering them to cease immediately under threat of being arrested, this includes everyone, GOA, Solicitors, construction people etc no exceptions.
    This development is a disgrace to Anguilla and is known to be a bad investment worldwide.
    The people who should be making money from this site are the people who are owed. Then other Anguillians can make more if anyone wants to plough more money into it.
    It looks like it's about time that Anguillians must draw a line in the sand with anyone who tries to finish this development without the blessing of the Anguillian people.
    Do the right thing and do not support any efforts at revival until all who are owed are paid in full. The GOA has a list of people owed plus themselves of course. ( Millions owed to Us or the GOA i believe. )

  5. Keeping it simple "axapolitics.com"

  6. The government should never have been involved, but to the extent that it *is* involved now, it should *not*, absolutely *not* bail anyone out here. The reason that this project failed was because the government, and various "stakeholders" with nothing at risk in the project, meddled it to death.

    The property should go into bankruptcy, the creditors should take their lumps. That's *everybody* local or otherwise. Every one of them is a grownup, and knew what they were getting into...

    Word to the innumerate and financially clueless next time: Risk equals reward. If you look to make big money out of a deal for no work, you're just as likely to loose a lot of money no matter how hard you work to prevent it.

    After bankruptcy, the property should be sold to the highest bidder, free and clear, to do with what they will. Without further meddling by politicians. Or "stakeholders".

    Maybe, at that point, something productive can be done with what is now an eyesore getting worse.

  7. I think it should be clarified that the "owners" referred to in this posting are actually home buyers. They are not the developers (Flag/Temenos). They bought homes (very expensive ones, in fact) within the Flag property and if they collectively attempt to finish these homes then it should be encouraged by the people of Anguilla. The talk of calling the police on them & deportation is complete nonsense.


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