14 February, 2009

Mad as Hell


Admiring the view from one of Anguilla’s most scenic drives. The dirt road from Anguilla Trading at South Hill Village to Long Bay Village passes through the old Hughes’ Estate. If you stop at the old sugar works, you can examine the remains of the smokehouse not twenty feet from the side of the road.
The old smokehouse designed for smoking fish and meat in the days before refrigeration
It is a delightful drive, so long as you take it slowly. The road surface is better than my driveway, so I really mean it is a delightful drive.
The old main road to Long Bay Village passing through the Hughes' Estate
From time to time, you get a view of Sandy Island and the Prickly Pears.
Pleasure sailing yacht coming in to Sandy Island
Every now and then you get a glimpse through the scrub of the boats in Road Bay, Sandy Ground.
View of the boats anchored in Road Bay, Sandy Ground
In the distance, you might spot a tug pulling a barge into port.
Delightful view of a barge being towed into port
Eventually, as you drive further west, you are able to look back East and see Sandy Ground itself in all its morning glory.
Romantic view of Road Bay, Sandy Ground
In the early morning, you get a good view of the boats anchored in the Bay.
Boats anchored in Sandy Ground Bay

There is really nothing to beat nature at its best. The view for anyone living on this road just serves to enhance the quality of their life.
Enhancing the quality of life along the old main road to Long Bay Village
Not to mention adding to the value of the properties alongside.
A final, admiring view of the roadside at the Hughes' Estate

Truly, a scene worth coming back for.
The public health authorities are to be congratulated by all of us on a job well done.


  1. Don, this is the *same* pile of garbage we're talkin' about here, right? :-)


    I drove along this road and I did not see any garbage. I assume you have to get out of your car and go to the spots where some person or persons have illegally dumped garbage.

    The illegal dumping of garbage is an offence in Anguilla as it is all over the world.

    I wonder what Don Mitchell would be able to show us if he went around in England and America taking pictures of what people have illegally dumped in hollows and gullies.

    Perhaps toxic waste and a couple hundred dead bodies along with the garbage?

    What is the purpose of this posting Don?

  3. The purpose of this post (and this blog) is to get YOU to demand YOUR government act on YOUR behalf.

    BTW, it's OBVIOUS America and England have the same problem, but THIS BLOG is focused on ANGUILLA.

  4. To Just Wondering.

    I don’t normally respond to personal attacks. But, I will take it on good faith that you are not the same person as my mentally ill and banned correspondent, Realist, to whom I have nothing to say.

    You ask what is the purpose of this post. It is the same purpose of every post of mine. It is a means of letting off steam when I am mad about something the public authorities are doing wrong in my opinion. That is the only purpose of my posting anything on this Blog. Your contributions are welcome, so long as it is not an unnecessary personal attack on anyone.

    You say you drove along this road and never saw this pile of garbage. You wonder if it is hidden off the road. The reason for the last photograph, which shows the side of the road alongside the illegal dump, is to demonstrate that the dump is right on the roadside. You must have been looking the other way when you passed it.

    Finally, I volunteer the explanation why I am mad as hell, as it is not obvious to you as it should be if you have been following this Blog. I wrote and published photographs complaining about this negligence on the part of the Public Health authorities as long ago as March 2008. The garbage that I then photographed and published is still there, with additions. There is not even a sign saying “Dump no garbage”. There is not even a warning telling members of the public what the fine or term of imprisonment is for dumping in that spot, as would have been done in any other advanced society. I know I said I do not expect any action from any of my posts. But, I walked that road on Saturday, yesterday, and I was outraged to see that Public Health is, by its inactivity, still encouraging the public to dump in that spot.

    Yes, it is an offence under the Collection and Disposal of Refuse Regulations, punishable with a fine of a maximum of EC$1,250.00 or six months imprisonment, to dispose of garbage in any public place not designated by the Minister. But, when have you ever heard of someone in Anguilla being prosecuted for such a common offence? Do you not think that it is time for people to start making a row about the negligence of the public health authorities? I do. That is why I rage and protest at the negligence and inactivity of the responsible parties. I think you should too.

  5. Don, the mentally deranged need an outlet for their ill-concealed racial hatred. Perhaps you should talk to the Corruption-Free Foundation about establishing some sort of online play-skool for their tantrums where we could isolate them, at least during the day, sorta like a modern day leper colony.

    I know how difficult it is but we must try to find it in our hearts to be compassionate toward the seriously disturbed ones. It is not for us to know why God created such evil.

  6. Hi Don,

    Not really a comment on this posting but I think you should see this...


    It's about the West Indies cricket debacle that occurred in Antigua on Friday. The WICB should be incredibly embarrassed by these events and this article says a lot about what the world thinks of the West Indies. In particular, look at the 10th paragraph having to do with accountability and responsibility. This is a problem throughout the Caribbean and it needs to change. Mediocrity can no longer be tolerated as the rule.

    Just thought you might be interested.

  7. The shocking thing is not that mediocrity is tolerated, but that it is being accepted as normal.

    But if you dare to say such a thing in public, be prepared bor a jingoistic storm of race hatred.

  8. Hope the garbage gets picked up as soon as possible. I do believe the garbage can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

  9. I remember last year's post on the garbage. When this post popped up this morning I wondered how I had managed to log onto an old blog report! Very disappointed and disgusted that the revelant health authorities are not addressing this problem. Catchy public service jingles on the radio are not enough to encourage and educate the public. Unfortunately this situation is representative of many problems on the island. With an election on the horizon perhaps some of these problems will disappear. Nothing like a quick cosmetic cleanup to convince the public everyone is doing a wonderful job.

  10. Catchy radio slogans stem from the belief that illegal garbage dumping is caused by a lack of education. It is caused by laziness and greed. There are no truck drivers in Anguilla who are too stupid to know how to get to Corito, where garbage can be dumped legally and without charge.

  11. How would we know if anyone has been arrested for illegal garbage dumping? Would we hear it on the radio? Would we read it in our useless newspaper? Or would someone pay a small fine and the whole matter be hushed up and forgotten?

    One reason for criminal enforcement is to deter others from similar conduct. But this only works in an open society with informed citizens.

  12. To Just Wondering: yes there are places in the U.S and the U.K and all over the world where garbage is not properly disposed of; but they are not promoted as "upscale destinations!"I suggest you do a reality check or buy a pair of glasses.In the meanwhile the rat and the roaches send their most heartfelt thanks to you!

  13. The only way to stop illegal dumping is to publicly embarrass those that do it. Problem is that those responsible for fining the ones that are doing the illegal dumping are too afraid that they might have to fine/arrest their own friends, family or other "important" people. So nothing gets done. The ignorant win again.

  14. The poster above states that this problem continues to worsen because officials "are too afraid that they might have to fine/arrest their own friends, family or other "important" people." Let's talk straight and name names.

    The above statement implies that there is corruption within the Environmental Health Department. Given their perceived level of effectiveness, corruption may be a logical explanation. If this alleged corruption goes to the top of the EHD, why has it not been corrected by the PS, Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake? What is her position on this problem, what has she done to correct it and why has she failed to be effective in doing so?

    I know this woman. She doesn't condone stupidness and she's not timid about getting the job done. Can she help fix this mess in our upscale destination? If so, what will she do and when will she do it?


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