19 February, 2009

ExCo Secrets

Anguillians are not entitled to know what ExCo is doing on our behalf. Someone has pointed out to me why our Chief Minister has taken up giving his press conference on Tuesdays of every week. The Anguillian and The Light newspapers are published on Thursdays. The Cabinet of Anguilla, also known as the Executive Council, or ExCo, meets on Thursdays. The deadline for getting an article published in the local press is Wednesday at midday. If the Chief Minister is to meet the publication deadline, Tuesday is as good a day as it gets for holding his press conference.

At his press conference, he could address, as we have been demanding, the issues dealt with at the previous meeting of ExCo. But, he avoids telling us anything about what any meeting of ExCo has discussed or decided. Instead, he attempts to grab the headlines with empty rhetoric and patriotic posturing. Shameful propaganda. But, we understand his reasoning.

Anguillians are not entitled.

Why tell Anguillians what ExCo is doing on their behalf? We already know that it is none of our business, don’t we?

Hell, we aren’t even interested enough to have asked for this information before.

Anguillians have never previously asked to be let in on the secrets of ExCo.

Why start informing us now?

Besides, Anguillians are such dummies we won't even realise that his press conference is not about what government has been discussing at ExCo, but about what he thinks will make government look like they really care.


  1. Your sarcasm is showing just a little bit. Times are changing. Our small speck in the middle of the ocean just picks up on the changes a little bit later than the rest. New blood is coming, sooner (I hope) than later. What we need are true patriots, not just the posturing kind. People who want to improve their country rather than their pocketbook. The whole world is facing this problem--not just Anguilla. Are all the news sources (radio and TV as well as newspapers) so tied up by censors that they cannot function? Does govt still have to approve all press releases?

  2. where is the investigative reporting like Fox and cnn they could already tell you where stanford money went.

  3. where is anguilla cnn and fox we need to get information on all money given to parties.

  4. You said, "Why tell Anguillians what ExCo is doing on their behalf? We already know that it is none of our business, don’t we?"

    Just a few minutes ago, someone who writes much like The Air Access Tsarina, and has as much arrogance, posted on anguillatalk.com under the "Anguilla Air" thread:

    "Also whatever deals made between the Govt and the "private airline" as you chose to boldly refer to it as.. is quite frankly not your business. It is the same Govt YOU voted for, therefore you should trust their judgement on this matter and believe they are doing whats right for the country.

    "You do not know what was going on with the Anguilla Govt and the Eagle which caused the Govt to take such drastic measures. So therefore I suggest you quit babbling online .

    "End of discussion!"

    Actually I DID vote for them. I wonder how she knows that.

    Did you know that government expenses are not our business? Did you know that a participatory democracy means that because we have the right to vote every five years we should worship them like gods and not think, form opinions or express them in private or in public?

    No one but our Tsarina is capable of writing such rubbish.


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