22 November, 2008


The most corrupt British Overseas Territory. That is the unenvious reputation that the Turks and Caicos Islands have enjoyed internationally over the past thirty years. Yet, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office kept saying for years that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing at the top of the TCI government. They refused to investigate any of the complaints that were made to it by citizens. “Unless you produce the evidence, we will not look into your complaints to see if there is any evidence”. That was their mantra year after year. Meanwhile, the citizens of the TCI observed their islands being sold out from under their feet.

Now that the Foreign Affairs Committee has basically ordered the FCO to investigate the allegations, Sir Robin Auld has been appointed for that purpose. He has been calling on the TCI public to produce evidence to his committee. He has requested Ministers to disclose and reveal all their assets. They have been playing hard to get, and refusing to cooperate with him. He has now announced that he will be summoning the Premier and his Ministers before him to give evidence on oath. That means that the penalties for perjury will apply, if they do not tell the truth.

Things are now hotting up. It seems that what the Europeans call “Higher Supervision” is about to be imposed on the TCI. The latest news is that two British administrators are being sent to oversee all financial operations of the incumbent government until further notice.

The Premier has already for the year allocated as much money for hiring a plane for his travel as he has for hurricane relief. It has been suggested that the provision of these two British administrators is a direct result of “voodoo economics” practised by the Premier and his Deputy. It has even been suggested that the British should dismiss the elected government and appoint an Interim Government as soon after publication of the Commission’s pending report as practicable, if not before.

Are yu, look a wuk!

Or, our Cruzan friends would say,“What a pistarkle!”


  1. Of course in Anguilla the elected representatives would stir up the populace with anti-british sentiment and proceed to ask for a referendum on independence. It matters little to them that they are now essentially a bankruot government.They will go the path that best suits their interests instead of those of the country. Just like any self respecting politician everywhere.......

  2. The first comment above is misleading and superficial. Our ministers have not been without sin, but creating anti-British sentiment has been the domain of Hubert, Haydn and Boy George.

  3. PLP Bermuda is the most corrupt British Overseas Territory next to T&C. These crooks do not even ask for a referendum on independence , they think they can impose a dictatorship on the oldest parliamentary democracy in the west. They locked up the public watchdog,the Auditor General,and have looted the treasury and used the taxpayer as their own personal piggy bank!

    As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression - Justice William O. Douglas


  4. It was just a few weeks ago that the government was stirring up independence sentiment when confronted with the FCO's reccomendation for an inquiry. How is my comment misleading and superficial?

  5. Next come the armored personnel carriers:

    We could use a few over at the ALHCS war zone.

    Don't laugh. Ah yu, look a wuk!

    Caribbean Net News
    Armoured vehicles to arrive in Jamaica next July
    November 21, 2008

    KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS): Twelve new armoured vehicles to be utilised by the security forces, as part of the national crime reduction strategy, should arrive in Jamaica by July next year.

    Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Dwight Nelson, addressing a post-Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday, said that Cabinet has approved the purchase of the vehicles at a cost of US$3,303,510, including a 50 per cent deposit of US$1,951,755.


    And this proves you don't need to be good at maths to be a Minister in the Ministry of Finance.

  6. What is the point that you all are trying to make?

    As Hubert always say the British sets up a system of government in the islands which invites corruption. There is no proper system of checks and balances, and then they use it against you. Turks and Caicos is a case in point.

    Secondly, I am at a lost to see the relevance of those wise cracks about Jamaica. Take a gander at the UK!


    Plans to make 10,000 taser guns available to police officers across England and Wales are expected to be unveiled by government today.

    f8 million (eight million pounds) will be made available to increase the supplies of tasers and train 30,000 police officers to use the 50,000-volt electric guns.

    The home secretary said she wanted to give the police "the tool they need to confront dangerous people".

    So what is your point? Maybe you did not do maths so 3million dollars is more than 8 million? And a fight in school is equivant to a war?

    What is wrong with YOU PEOPLE?
    England is CORRUPTION-FREE and CRIME-FREE so why don't you go there to live?

  7. I think we are all at a "lost".
    Don't know where ya from,
    Don't know where ya been.
    It's obvious to most,
    that your gov't is nothing but sin.
    - Scotty


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