10 September, 2008


Back to School Again. The new school year began on Monday at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School in The Valley. My job is to teach CAPE Law. CAPE stands for Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exams. This is what we knew years ago as “A Levels”. It is a two year course of study in several different subjects that students must complete before they can go to the University of the West Indies. This year we are doing Unit 2. The three subjects are, the law of Tort, Land law and the law of Contract.

I had been preparing to teach Unit 1 as well. The three subjects there are Caribbean Legal Systems, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Criminal Law. Classes began yesterday, and I have given one lecture. Now, it appears that the students have too many clashes in their timetable. So, they must all do Unit 2. The situation is not clear yet. I may still be teaching both units.

Preparing the lectures and attending class has proven time consuming. In recent weeks I have not had much time to think about the blog. Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

Meanwhile, is there anything anyone would like to talk about?


  1. Don, I don't think many people check your blogs from several weeks ago to see if there are any new comments, so I will ask you about the following matters here in the current blog.

    On August 11 you brought up the matter of the audit reports on the national accounts. The last I heard, you were promised copies of these but were given something else. Are you making any progress with this matter? The longer they resist providing this material, the more I wonder what they may be hiding.

    In the Comments on the August 11 blog there was very interesting information about Dr. Richard Etkin of the Atlantic Star Center for Medical Excellence (I don't make this stuff up), referring readers to this State of New York document:
    Do you know if he is still being allowed to practice medicine and cut our women open?

    We know that the Health Authority has known about this situation for quite some time and at last report were "looking into it." Do you know if they're still looking into it or what? Is this corruption within HAA or simple gross negligence?

  2. Please, an update on the Dolphin prison situation.

  3. The Bermuda Premier's son's bail reduction motion was denied yesterday. "Kevin Antario Brown, 37, who is a physician at his Crenshaw Expo Medical Center, on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles faces 33 charges including a lewd act on a 15-year-old, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation."

    That's OK, Kevin, if they take away your license you can come to Anguilla. There may be a vacant office soon at the Atlantic Star Center of Medical Excellence. "Expect more. Get more."

  4. I noticed a comment made on August 11 followed by one on Septembewr 10 on a Dr. Etkin. His sign is still up at Atlantic Star.

    Is there no need to protect our ladies from this New York butcher? What is government's stance on this after reading his report that was highlighted?

    Is this reasponsible governance? God help us and the women of Anguilla

  5. Excuse me, but that's the Atlantic Star Center of Medical Excellence.

    As our Speaker of the House commented (years ago, about an unrelated matter), "In Anguilla, if you can't laugh, you go crazy." And he's right. Some of the stuff that goes on here...all you can do is laugh, because nobody seems to care.


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