02 August, 2008

Flag Closure

Ashtrom’s Temporary Cessation of Works. Well, it has started. We have been expecting it. Layoffs on such a large scale are always a shock. [Right-click on each picture, and select "Open link in new tab" for easy reading.]

What will it be like by October? Will Viceroy be next?

I am pleased to see that government is doing the correct thing with this letter.

We all hope it will bring the right amount of pressure to bear.

Just because the Chinese and Indians are cheap labour does not give them extra rights.


  1. This may not be so bad. Maybe now some of the foreigners on the other projects can go home and Anguillians and caribbean nationals can get those jobs.

  2. RE:first post. While a great idea in theory, there is another reason why these developers import cheap labor, let alone the cost savings. Young Anguillians do not want to work jobs that make them sweat to earn their money. They are products of the entitlement generation (worldwide) that think everyday life and it's costs should be covered by their parents or the gov't. - Scotty

  3. The problem wit Scotty's post is that even if it is true, who will these developers be hiring to work in the resorts when all is said and done? If young Anguillians don't want to work now, who will work later? I think you are off base and should look at the other resorts that have been operating for many years now and have earned Anguilla the reputation that have made the new guys want to be here. Anguillians have been and certainly are able to do the work that is necessary to get the job done. It is the over development of this little island that is making it seem as if we can't handle the work load. There would notbe any "credit crunch" for these projects if they had something worth while to sell. People continue to come to Anguilla to stay for a week or two and enjoy the beaches at the hotels - they have shown that they are not interested in spending $7 million to own an over-the-top house that they can only use for 60 days a year and have to pay exhorbitant taxes on in addition to maintenance fees and common charges. People are not that stupid.

  4. The Government of Anguilla correspondence to Mr. Yaron Reshey of Ashtrom Anguilla Limited, dated July 31, 2008, is unjustifiable and is misleading to the Anguillian electorate. Government has no legal options available. Literally, its only option maybe a refusal to renew future licenses; and even that has its legal consequences.

    Potential extravagant compensation in damages may exceed layoff labour cost, consequently determining a best way forward.

    It is also embarrassing, if not shameful, that senior administrative officers are dictated to; resulting such falsehood blandly.

    The reality is that investors expect results for their hard earned investments and governments continue to play delusional politics with its electorate. Government’s responsibility is to create opportunities however, cannot micromanage cooperates’ investments, productivity expectations, nor set any such targets.

    It’s time that our national labour force respects investments expectation and take serious responsibility for their inabilities and failures; and avoid government embarrassment in trying to protect their self-contributed and inflected predicament.

  5. Foster's comments are not realistic. A large foreign workforce cannot easily be sent home of the project is to resume in a few weeks, and the Government can easily require that the local labour be rehired at the resumption of work.
    The Government forgets that Flag shut down the project, not Ashtrom. The problem is the lack of money, and every project is suffering the effects. There was a time that Anguilla was exempt from the effects of global recessions, but not anymore. The Gov. and people of Anguilla need to be supportive of the developer's difficulties and find ways to move the projects forward, not aggresive and punitive, as we all share in the wealth created and the stigma should they fail.

  6. If Flag can't secure the necessary funding to continue construction, what do they expect to happen in the next few weeks that will solve this problem? The world economy will suddenly reverse the direction it presently seems to be going? Sillerman will find some banker who's too stupid to know about the international credit crunch? Jesus will return in glory and save Anguilla? All things are possible with God?

    There is no rational reason to believe whatever Flag is telling Government.

  7. I keep thinking about The Hotel Quincy at a time like this...

  8. Why should most work permit holders be left standing when there are locals who can do the job?


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